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Can't wait to see my man on the big screen in Eclipse. Here is a picture of us snuggling. He was a little cold to the touch but clearly, I didn't care! Oh, and by the way YOU TOO can have your picture with Edward (or Jacob if you must) with our fabulous photo station. Don't worry if you are older than 13...we won't tell.

P.S. Take a look at my dream theme: Twilight if you want to be inspired and have a party.


Hot Trend: Coral, Hot Pink and Turquoise Table!

1:56 PM

My favorite blog, Elements of Style featured this gorgeous table from a fabulous event designer Eddie Ross. I just love the trend of these summer colors together - the coral, hot pink and the hook! And the gold ads an element of glamour that can take this table from a social tea to a formal wedding. My favorite part about this table is the unexpected pattern on the linen. It's very fashion forward and stops this ensemble from being over the top feminine.
Erin from E of S recreated this table and used awesome finds but I wanted to use only rentals in case you wanted to reproduce this for a large event (or prove to you that I can reproduce this for a large event). Here goes...
I went to Party Rental Ltd to get most of the items. They have a vast selection of rentals including tableware, linens and chairs. Here are names of the items above:
Montego Coral Print Basic
Orange Reception Chair
Gold Queen Anne Acrylic Charger 13"
Garden Salad Plate
Green Wine Tinted Glassware 11 oz.
Napkin Ring Gold Rose Filigree

As much as I love peonies, especially the ones that are pictured in the inspiration, we are at the tail end of the season. But, garden roses are a great substitution. I found the turquoise candle holders from Colorful Dishes online retailer. The votive cups are from Target
The hot pink taper candles are a fun take but I am LOVING the turquoise ones...I just couldn't find them...boohoo! And if you have the budget go for
hot pink chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.


Venue Spotlight - Barrique Kitchen and Wine Bar

1:41 PM

Last Saturday night the hubby and I stopped at the kitchen and wine bar Barrique and I was floored. They actually had me at "wine bar" (ok, they had me at "wine") and then completely sold me on the laid back atmosphere and rustic Provencial!

I was instantly transported to the French Countryside with the exposed brick walls and big farm table. This table is perfect for large groups. You can reserve an area for up to 15 people but if you have over 40 the place is yours in the afternoon (usually from 11:30 to 3:oo). They have a great menu of straightforward dishes like lamb chops with sauteed spinach, crispy onion and rosemary jus or farm house chicken with mushroom bread pudding and white wine veloute...YUM. But the best part is that the plates are small with the intention of trying many with different wines. I would love to say this is a great way to dine out and control your portion size but who am I kidding? I am SO ordering at least 2 meals for myself!

Again, the design is fun and different - hello fringed chandelier over the bar...I think I like you! Not to mention our batender was super knowledgable about wines and very excited about the restaurant in general. And he didn't mind me shamelessly taking pictures.

Oh, and did I mention the HUGE selection of wines by the glass, half bottles and full bottles? And in a temperature controled unit they have really special bottles that are sold by the 2 ounce pour (like Opus One at around $25 for 2 ounces).

So keep Barrique in mind next time you have a bridal shower, engagement luncheon or even a birthday party to plan for the wine lovers in your life.

Fashion Friday: What the Wear at Your Summer Event!

8:42 AM

Summer is upon us and that means 1 thing: PARTY! Here are a few outfits to go with your summer soiree's. Sorry guys, I figured I can put together an outfit for you too but you already clicked off this post…I think I lost you at "Fashion." So here you go ladies…fun, flirty fashion to keep you cool and fabulous this season.

If your lucky you are invited to a clam bake this summer. Preferably on a Hampton beach where you can do some celeb spotting. No matter who is there you better be ready to eat good. Lobster, clams, corn - oh my! (sorry husband who is allergic to shellfish, hopefully you are not reading this). The long tunic is perfect to hide the bulging tummy after a few helpings and cocktails and still make you look chic and cool!

The 4th is coming and usually its hot hot hot outside. So instead of looking sweaty look fabulous in a classic eyelet dress. I'm loving that red flower cuff too! So inexpensive and fun. I tried to make all the outfits affordable but it was hard to do in the Polyvore fantasy world! (that's the program that I use to make these sets - amazing fashion is at your fingertips, umm how fun is that?)

I thought it would be fun to find that perfect outfit to take you to a…yup, that's right…children's party. If you have kids you will probably be frequenting a lot this summer. And it's OK if your child has a more active social calendar than you! (at least keep telling yourself that) Take that opportunity to look fabulous no matter where you go. I chose easy, moveable clothes that were on the cheap in case you found yourself at a color your own pottery party. Of course flats are a must when you are with children. I am always amazed at celebrities with their kids in stilettos…then I remember they have nannies.

Acompora Foundation

What it's all about - Non Profit Spotlight

8:22 AM

Producing events is awesome - it's fun, creative, intense and rewarding when it all goes perfect (and it always goes perfect ;). But no type of event is more inspiring than the fundraisers; each cause motivates us to put 120% effort into their event. We want them to raise more money than ever and we feel a sense of pride when we can contribute to their bottom line.

The Louis J Acompora Memorial Foundation is an example of an amazing organization. Their story touched our hearts. Here is mission directly from their website (they said it better than I ever could have - plus, I would start crying):

While only a freshman at Northport High School, Louis Acompora was already a highly touted lacrosse goalie. As the captain of the freshman team, he was being groomed to be the next star varsity goaltender for Northport, a lacrosse powerhouse at the high school level. On March 25, 2000, in his first high school game, tragedy struck. With his parents on the sidelines, he blocked what appeared to be a routine shot with his chest. He took a few steps and collapsed on the field. The coaches and trainers rushed out and after realizing Louis was not breathing they began to administer CPR. The paramedics arrived almost 15 minutes after Louis’ collapse. They attempted defibrillation but were too late. Louis passed away. He was 14 years old.

Louis’ parents, John and Karen Acompora came to realize his death could have been prevented if the school had owned a portable defibrillator. A defibrillator revives cardiac arrest victims with an electric shock to the chest. After Louis died, the Acomporas started a grassroots campaign to raise awareness among schools and other public institutions about the importance of owning Automated External Defibrillators (AED). A simple device that would have saved Louis’ life.

The Louis J. Acompora Memorial Foundation was founded to ensure that similar tragedies are prevented. The Foundation is committed to seeing an improvement in sports safety with a special focus on the placement of AEDs in all schools. Over the past four years, the Foundation has made tremendous strides. With numerous public appearances, including an interview on the Oprah Show in May 2001, the Acomporas have attracted national attention to the Foundation's mission.

Last year we produced a casino fundraiser of over 750 people for the Acompora Foundation and we proudly wear the bracelets to remind us that what we do is more than fun. Please visit their site and order some bracelets or make a donation; or just be aware and inquire about the medical equipment on the sports field for your family.

cool products

Party in a Box?

2:58 PM

I was turned onto this great website from a colleague of mine that is super cool. They have everything you need to execute modern and fun themes in a very chic way. Here are some of my favorites...

This zoo party is super cute for a children's party. I'm loving the little collapsible binoculars. You can even use them for a safari scavenger hunt!
A corset on a vase? YES please! How sexy does that look? It comes in a variety of ribbon colors as well. Me likey!

If you read this blog before you know how I loves me some zebra print!! Look at the zebra tray and cocktail mixer - these instantly take the cheez out of the bachelorette party.

Look at these cool disposable patterns on the plates? Green zebra napkins...sold!

Order up some sushi for this awesome Asian Affair!


Dream Theme: Beer and Cheese Party!!

8:54 AM

So maybe this isn't your typical dream theme post - there are no pictures of elaborate decor with thousands of flowers, or super creative and intricate details. This is simple but very much a dream theme for me. I, along with most of you out there, have an obsession with cheese and a pretty good relationship with beer. So why not marry the two in a beer/cheese tasting? You and your guests (preferably only up to 4 or 6 people) will explore new cheeses and beers and be able to appreciate them in an entirely new light. The Beer Advocate has an awesome article on how to pair cheese and beer where they give you specific brand of beers to compliment different cheeses. Here are the cliff notes:
Sharp Cheddar with Pale Ale
Feta with Wheat Beer
Mascarpone with Fruit Beer
Gorgonzola with Barleywine
Parmesan with Amber Lager

Thanks to Google (really, how did we live without it?) I found this awesome paddle for under $6.00!! The glasses were out of stock at the moment but they should be back by July 23rd. Or, you can call and see if a shot glass would fit.
I would serve the paddle with a plate of cheeses that correspond to the specific beer. Or, at $6 a pop buy two paddles for each person and place the cheeses in one, beer in other. To get the full experience don't serve accompaniments with the cheese. Have bread and fruit to cleanse the palate in between but let your guests taste just the cheese with the beer.

To get the best selection of cheese go to where I like to refer to as Heaven - Murray's Cheese shop. They have two locations in the city; in Grand Central Station and on Bleeker between 6th and 7th. However, if you can't make it into the big city you can order online!! You can even call and ask what cheeses will go with the beers you select. What makes this place so amazing is that everyone there wants you to learn about the great big world of cheese!

As mentioned above, serve some fresh fruit and GREAT crusty french bread for your guests to clean their palate in between tastings.
And when I say great bread, I mean search every bakery in a 20 mile radius until you find that perfect baguette, the one that takes you to Paris and makes you want to put on a beret!!
As always, label please! If make really fancy ones like pictured above, you will be my hero!

bar mitzvah

Mitzvah Me Happy!

8:22 AM

This weekend I had the rare chance to attend an Event Kings produced Bat Mitzvah as a guest. Not a guest that also did the centerpieces, or a guest that is also telling the DJ the schedule of the night...a bona fide guest! It was thrilling and best of all I got to actually play the casino. It is such a different experience from the other side of the table. I am happy to report it was a blast!! Here is the lowdown with some of the pictures I took with my phone.
The wheel was a big hit, especially with the kids.
Black Jack was my table, after a few hours here I am ready for Vegas...high roller style! The tables were stunning - really, I always knew they were nice but sitting at them I noticed their perfection. Not one scratch, stain or rip in the felt or really felt like you were in a casino. Also, the dealer was super fun. He taught me the rules so I didn't feel intimidated. I learned to always double down on 11, to let the dealer break and that a tie is called a push. Who knew? I also noticed that both young and older guests were mingling at the table - it was such a cool ice breaker.
The centerpieces were amazballs! Yup I said it! You can also add balloons if the ceiling is high. Also, they are gender neutral, this mitzvah was for a lovely girl who rocked the casino theme!

A room to the side was made into a lounge for the tweens. Great idea! The younger guests had a place to hang out and chillax! (for those of you who are not as cool as me that is chill + relax)

In the lounge area was an airbrush artist who painted boxer shorts, t-shirts and
cool trucker hats.
The play money was customized with the guest of honor's picture and event date. Perfect for the scrapbook.

Not pictured is the DJ, dancers, really cute poker place card holders and the balloon dance floor treatment. Once we get the professional pictures I will post them. Until then, imagine the possibilities for this super cool theme.

No Cook Party Ideas

9:08 AM

This blog is all about entertaining and how you can do it better and easier; because lets face it, at the end of the day it's all about family and friends being together. So here is 3 EASY peasy ways to throw together a party without getting 1 pan out, starting the oven or even boiling water. Get your take out menus and lets have a party!

Pizza Party
Who doesn't love pizza? Call up your local pizza joint and order a few large pies with fun toppings on it (ordering 1 large per 4 people should be enough) like pineapple and ham, white pizza with ricotta and mozzarella or shrimp and garlic. Ask them to cut the pizza into 16 slices and lay them out on nice platters. Order a big salad and DONE!
Drink this fun cocktail from Giada De Laurentis:
1 Cup chilled Prosecco (Italian sparkling wine)
2 tablespoons chilled vodka
1/3 cup frozen lemon sorbet
1/4 teaspoon chopped fresh mint leaves
Pour Prosecco and vodka into 2 champagne flutes, spoon a scoop of sorbet in each flute and sprinkle with mint leaves. Serve immediately.
Decorate with some pretty Sunflowers that are available at your supermarket now.

Go to your local burrito joint and order a variety of burritos. My local place Salsa Salsa has yummy varieties like Nacho Burrito, Whole Wheat Spinach Burrito and Seasonal Fish to name a few. These puppies are huge so ask them to cut each one into 4 pieces. Place on a platter, order chips, salsa and guacamole and DONE!

Drink Corona... enough said.

Decorate: since you need the limes anyway use a few along with lemons and oranges and place in a large vase. Festive, fresh and chic, just like you!

Get some dim sum, dumplings or go nuts and order the PuPu Platter (try to stifle your giggles while ordering please...we're adults!). Get an order of lo main and/or cold sesame noodles. Arrange the dim sum on a bamboo steamer if you have it and pretend you made them. DONE!

Since the food was super easy put your time into making a Lychee martini.
Mix Lychee vodka with Lychee syrup and garnish with Lychee fruit

Decorate your table with a bunch of lanterns in various sizes and shapes. Surround with candles...done!

lounge furniture

Long Overdue Event Recap

4:43 PM

Ok, I admit it; we at Event Kings are NOT the best photographers. But we can produce an event like nobody's business!! Here is proof positive of both counts....
Belmont Race Track's western theme was a big hit despite the rain. As always, when there is rain the event still goes on because we bring everything inside. It really is a run day for all, especially since its free!
Western themed inflatable...yeeehaw!

Bay Shore had their annual summer fair and we were lucky enough to decorate Smokin' Al's. I think we may have been paid in ribs but it was worth it. if you are in the Bay Shore area run don't walk to Smokin' Al's. You can just follow your nose. The ribs, briskest, fried pickles (what can be better than a fried pickle???) are all amazing.

Check out this great soiree we did for a social client. Wicker furniture gave a great laid back-beachy vibe to the lounge area. This event featured the previously mentioned burger bar idea, complete with yummy toppings like guacamole, hummus, and sprouts.

Loving the burlap linens and farm bar? Thanks! So do we.The lanterns were provided by the client and they look so simple and chic.

Every now and then you have to give a shout out to the big guys...and with these guys its super easy to do! Terry and Steven Vogel are the dynamic duo behind Event Kings. They are the best of the best when it comes to event planning, producing and designing. Oh, and they are the funniest people you'll ever meet which makes working for them a hoot!

Stay tuned for more event recaps with better pictures. Summer is here which means picnic season is upon us. Event Kings will be busy beavers planning great corporate and social picnics all over Long Island!!