Black Jack

The workings of a Casino Fundraiser!

10:25 AM

fun money

With our division Casino Kings, we are able to produce the best fundraisers that maximize the profits towards worthy causes. Casino Fundraisers are always a hit. Often times people ask us, how is this legal? Simple, no money is exchanged at the tables, so guests are never gambling with real money, but rather fun money vouchers that are given upon arrival as seen above. 


Then your guests spend their vouchers at the table and have a blast!


Our roulette, black jack, poker and craps tables are Vegas style and pristine! Your guests feel like they are in a real casino but without real money. 

slot machines

We can even bring slots for those who prefer the machines over the tables. 

If guests run out of casino vouchers while playing, they can donate money to get more and continue  having fun at the tables. 

fun money, casino vouchers

Any of the casino vouchers can be customized for your event.

vouchers, fun money, raffle tickets

When the gaming portion of the night is over, guests turn in their "winnings" for raffle tickets that can then be used towards a chinese auction. 

casino vouchers, fun money, raffle tickets

The more guests play, the more they can win and the more chances they have to 
get the prizes they want.