Outdoor Movie Night!

3:02 PM

Treat Your Employees To An Outdoor Movie Night!
The newest trend is to have an Outdoor Movie Night! 
Everyone loves to snuggle up on a blanket with a box of hot popcorn with their family or friends to watch timeless movie!

We offer two types of Movie Nights:

Option #1: 
- Inflatable Screen in Two Different Sizes 
22' x 16' or 30' x 16' 
- (3) Hour Rental 
- Day Viewings Only 
- Viewing for up to (200) People Seated
- Includes a DVD player, Speakers & Attendant  

Option #2:
- Movie Screen Truck 
18' x 8' 
- (4) Hour Rental 
- Viewing for up to (200) People Seated 
- Day or Night Viewings 
- DVD Provided by Client 
- Use of Streaming Service Based on WiFi 

With each option you can add on fun giveaways for your guests!

Weather you want to have this movie night for your family & friends or for your employees the possibilities are endless to have a night of fun!