Strike A Pose! Tips for capturing your event in photos.

2:18 PM

You planned, you booked, you planned some more and after every detail was carefully executed you blink and your event is over. Thank God for photographs! But what if when you get them back there is no picture of your Aunt Carrie from Ohio or the monogrammed cookies carefully placed on each plate? Here are some tips on getting the most out of your event photographer:

1. Make sure you meet with the person who will be at your event with the camera. Even if the name of the studio sounds like an individual it may not be. You need to meet and mesh with the photographer who is actually shooting your event.

2. Talk to him or her about what is important to you. If you spent the majority of your budget on the best band in the business let your photographer know that and he will make sure to capture the crowded dance floor. If you spent weeks deciding on the perfect bloom for your bouquet make sure he gets a close up shot.

3. Make a list, check it twice. Give your photographer a written guideline of shots you want. Send it to him or her in advance and bring extra copies with you the day of as a backup.