He proposed, you said yes...now what?

1:24 PM

The moment will love in your mind forever, the love of your life down on bended knee asking for your hand in marriage...as you blink back the tears you see the ring and you feel your heart melt as you push out the word "yes!"

After you come down to Earth you are ready to get started in planning the wedding of your dreams. You can buy wedding magazines with confidence and make that appointment at Kleinfield's without judgment. First things first, actually what is the first step you wonder? Before you hit the ground running here is a list of to-do's in the right order.

1. Make a list and check it twice.

Your guest count will dictate your location first and foremost. If you dream of a vineyard wedding you better make sure that quaint little vineyard can hold your brood.

2. Location, Location, Location

Now that you have your count consider how far you want the majority of your guests to travel. Manhattan may be your backyard but can be a hike for most of your invites. Either way, make sure you make accommodations for out-of-towners.

3. Make your dreams come true...

You know how many people you will invite, you know what area you want to be, now think of the theme or style you want your wedding to portray. Whether its modern, country, glamorous or casual find the venue that best suits you and your groom. When you find a location that best suits your character you will spend less money on decorations that transform the space to fit your vision.

4. Its all about the Benjamin's!

Try not to put all your wedding eggs in one basket - narrow it down to two or three venues that fit the bill. Compare the pricing and what you are getting for that number. If you are leaning towards one place over the other don't be afraid to mention the better price you are getting from the competitor. Also, be flexible with the date and you may get a better deal.

5. Say yes to the dress!

Once you booked the venue its time to find that perfect dress.

holiday wonderland

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland!

11:42 AM

This December Event Kings debuted their Holiday Wonderland scene at WABC-TV's annual holiday party! More than just a backdrop, this will transform any space into a snowy home for Santa. This 3 dimensional environment represents Hanukkah, Kwanza and Christmas, making kids of all religious backgrounds feel welcome and included. And for those card worthy pictures with Santa there is an over sized sleigh.

The best part about this set up is that it is flexible enough to fit in almost any space from a 10'X8' to a 20'X20' area. Call today to book this scene for your last minute holiday party...better yet, get a leg up for next year!