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Employee Spotlight: Christine Dirr

Besides providing you with the advantage of more than two decades of event planning expertise and access to the best venues and vendors, Event Kings is the flagship of a family of divisions that are exclusively dedicated to turning dreams into reality.

On your wedding day this task is especially important and fortunately for you, we’ve got an ace in our pocket. Christine Dirr is a full-time wedding coordinator for Weddings by Event Kings and holds a degree in Public Relations and Event Management from St. John’s University.
As the Director of Weddings and Social Events, Christine is available for custom event coordination during the planning phases and on that special day to ensure a seamless transition.

According to Christine, the favorite part of her job is seeing the satisfaction on her client’s face when they see their reception room for the first time. “Even though it is the same type of event, each room is unique to the client and I really love seeing how happy they are with the final product.”

One of the ways that Christine feels that her services are beneficial to any bride is that “The staff and myself make sure that everyone is where they need to be at all times, and even if an issue arises, it never makes it to the client and is taken care of before they even know it.” That way, when you look back on your wedding, you just remember that it was perfect.

Finally, there are certain advantages that brides who choose coordination enjoy. “A really big advantage that my clients get when they book any type of event coordination with Weddings by Event Kings is the personalized attention they I am able to give them. I cater to all of their needs at every phase, leading up to the event. I am with them on their big day. I do everything I can to make sure they feel special on the most important day of their life”.

One thing to consider when deciding if including a coordinator is necessary for you, is to try and think about what might happen if there were a problem on your wedding day. Coordinators with Christine’s experience are able to take would-be negative situations and turn them into beautiful memories, for instance “I had a client that had an issue come up with the venue that she booked with. As it were the case, the venue double booked and had to offer alternate accommodations that were not originally planned. Instead of having the bride deal with the issue, we were able to take care of everything and work with the venue to make sure that everything was resolved and that the reception still fit the vision and plan that the bride and I had established during our coordination sessions. The bride was extremely happy that everything was taken care of and that she didn’t have to deal any potentially catastrophic circumstances.”

Situations such as these just reinforce how important it is to have a professional there to advocate for you while you are busy having the best day of your life. Let Christine Dirr and Weddings by Event Kings be by your side as you turn the page to start the next chapter in your beautiful life.

Cheers to La Bella Vita!

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