A Night at the Races

Fundraising Season

11:59 AM

Event Kings is the company to use for all your fundraising needs. Whether it is a casino night, trivia, baking wars or horse racing. There is something for everyone & we can help! 

 Our roulette, black jack, poker and craps tables are Vegas style and pristine! Your guests feel like they are in a real casino but without real money. 

 Casino Kings, we are able to produce the best fundraisers that maximize the profits towards worthy causes. Casino Fundraisers are always a hit. Often times people ask us, how is this legal? Simple, no money is exchanged at the tables, so guests are never gambling with real money, but rather fun money vouchers that are given upon arrival as seen above. 

Custom Trivia Nights are the newest hits to add to your fundraising night. 

Event Kings sets up their night at the races event with a betting booth where two attendants hand out betting forms for each race. Each race is shown on our tv's & your guests will be able to watch them as they are they are racing. 

corporate event

Halloween Bash

3:08 PM

A blank space turned haunted mansion! No matter the type of space you give us we can turn it into your reality! If you ask us these are our favorite events to create....continue to read to see how we turned this space into something spectacular! 

The best part about being in the event planning industry is we have dreams as well. We want to create the best party possible every single time & when our clients have an imagination we are able to grow our ideas into reality. 

A blank wall is a perfect spot to add accent pieces. Spooky pictures that follow you as you walk by, vines coming out of the wall & old frames. 

 The little details is what makes your event, from the hand dipped black wax roses to a magic ouija board to old books.

At the end of the day, no matter how big or small your dreams are we can make them a reality!