birthday parties

It is Inflatable Season!

12:00 PM

Inflatable Lumber Jack Throw 
Ever wanted to try axe throwing but thought it was too dangerous? Well, this inflatable throwing game is perfect for you. Take a shot at this before you go & do the real thing! 



Inflatable Speed Pitch
Wind up and let it rip. Take aim at the catcher’s mitt and throw the ball as fast as you can. We will have a radar clock like the real deal so you can keep track of the competition! 

Inflatable Whack A Peg
Ready, Set, Go! One or Two Players can play at a time- Be the first one to clear all of your pegs on one side and yell out champion!

Inflatable Darts
Take your turn throwing Velcro darts & soccer balls to see who can hit a bullseye first!

P.S. Check out our newly branded Pop-A-Shot Basketballs!