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Scavenger Hunts

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Team Building Adventures
Scavenger Hunts
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In true Team Building Fashion, we succeeded in bringing another set of  employees closer and happier with one of our famous Scavenger Hunts.

How it Works:
We customize the clues for whatever town you are holding your Team-building Event in. We also send Team Building professionals to help guide your employees.

All teams get a form of Team Identification- in the below Events we used different color bandannas. Helps the teams bond together!

Each team then receives their own unique set of riddles and clues that will lead them around the town. As they figure out each clue they race to the location described in the riddle and snap a photo  with the Polaroid we provide them with. The more creative the photo the Better!

Blue Team recreating the cover of the Beatles' Abbey Road Album in front of Strawberry Fields.

Yellow team got pretty creative with their photos.


Blue Team in front of the Suffolk Theater for another clue.

This group even made up Team Names- Yellow Team was the Honey Boo Boos
Camouflage Team was the self proclaimed Swat.

After the teams have solved all their riddles and taken pictures they rush back to the finish line. Our Team Building Professionals then tally up all the points and furnish a Winner!

Although the teams become very competitive, it doesn't really matter to them who wins in the end. They have spent the day having fun with their co-workers forming new bonds.

I'd say that is a successful Team Building Event!

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