Event Kings Takes Times Square!

8:00 PM

Was it New Years Eve last Thursday? NO! It was the open house event at the NASDAQ building in Times Square! Along with Chef & Co. and Levy Lighting we put out all the stops to showcase an awesome venue. Overlooking Times Square, the NASDAQ event space is one of a kind, and we are excited to be the preferred entertainment and decor company.

Guests raved about floral arrangements, lounge furniture, and inner lit tables and bars. They
played like high rollers at our casino tables. They danced to our band and DJ. They even loved seeing their future from our fortune teller reading Tarot cards. All in all the event was a huge success! Check out all the pictures from the event taken by a great photographer; Hal ( on our website!

bar mitzvah

Ante Up at Your Next Bar Mitzvah!

1:01 PM

Bar Mitzvah's are all about becoming a man and what better way to do that than to gamble like a high roller? Its harmless really, we promise that your young man won't go running away to Vegas and camp out at the Bellagio. OK, maybe we can't promise that but what we CAN promise is that it is a great theme for a party with both kids and adults.

We recently produced an awesome Bar Mitzvah with a casino theme and everyone had a blast. There was dancing for those who are light on their feet but there was also black jack, roulette and craps for the rest of the gang. We used customized "fun bucks" with the guest of honor's face on it. At the end of the party you exchanged raffle tickets for the bucks you made. The novice gamblers had no problems once they got to our tables; the dealers were more than happy to teach them as they go.

Quick tip - prizes are a great way to encourage people to gamble and dance (pay them to get on the floor) but they don't have to be over the top, a $10 gift card to Starbucks or ITunes is enough. Get enough prizes for 10% of your guests to win. Or, you can do prizes based on the top 5 earners. The biggest winner can get a slightly bigger prize while the last place can get a goof like tissues or a 8X10 picture of the honoree. You know your guests the best so do something that will make them laugh.