Its all about Flow

1:33 PM

As a party planner, event producer, floral designer etc. expectations are high when throwing a private affair. But like the shoemaker's kids who have no shoes I rarely have any party for my family. I made an exception for my gorgeous baby girl and had a Baby Blessing; a non-denominational ceremony to welcome her into the world, into our family, and into our community. Also, it was a great reason to have a huge party!

With two large families our guest list crept up to 90 adults, 20 kids over 4 and 20 kids under 4. The challenge was to crate an upscale party but to keep that backyard relaxed vibe. The solution was to mix up the seating. We had eight 60" round tables under a 30X30 frame tent with 8 chairs at each table. On the patio we had 5 high boy tables on one side and four 36" round table with 4 chairs at each. All together we had seating for 80 people at one time. It was perfect, especially since guests came and left and then a new batch would saunter in. It definitely established a flow that was relaxed and fun. To elevate it beyond just a backyard BBQ I rented linens in jade and put pink and orange Gerber daisies on the tables with balloons floating above them. It was a tremendously successful event.