Boat Building

Team Building

1:31 PM

The Benefits of Team Building

Team building is a job technique in which employees are viewed as members of interdependent teams instead of as individual workers.  Team building is used to increase trust, communication, problem-solving skills and of course, team development.  At Event Kings, we do so many unique team building events with companies of various sizes with one thing in common – everyone always has a blast!

When we are producing a team building event, we work closely with the organization to create activities that will perfectly fit their company culture and get all of their employees excited and motivated.

Studies have shown that team building can immeasurably boost employee performance and productivity in the work place.  Here at Event Kings, we truly believe in the importance of working with a team and being in a positive work environment.   

One exciting team building event we did was an Olympic style boat building race over the summer.  We had employees break into teams and each team had to work together to build their own boat and then they had to race them.
These employees learned in an exciting and fun way, how teams can assist them in dealing with issues they encounter everyday; such as managing limited resources, constrained budgets, and work delegation.
Team building events are a unique way to boost a company's team morale and maximize team efficiency. The opportunities for team building activities are endless with Event Kings because we can personalize everything to your needs! 

Check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to see the types of activities we have produced.

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Cake Decor

Floral Friday

12:16 PM

Floral Friday - March 21st, 2014

Spring has arrived!

In honor of the start of spring, we put together a collage of some of our favorite spring colored floral pieces! With bright pinks, oranges and yellows, beautiful spring floral pieces can give your event a pop of fresh color. 
From centerpieces, to bouquets, to cake décor, Event Kings' subdivision, King Lily Floral can do it all.
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Arabian Nights

Trade Shows: A Fresh Look

1:01 PM

Trade Shows

A Fresh Look

At Event Kings, Trade Shows are one of our favorite types of events to produce.  A trade show is basically an organized exhibit  for companies in a specific industry to showcase and demonstrate their products or services.

These events can be fairly mundane and generic on their own, but with the help of Event Kings, we can liven it up and get every guest involved and excited to be there.  Each year we produce numerous trade shows that everyone loves because we give each show an exciting and unique theme.

Last week, for a food show for a supermarket chain with stores all over the Tri-State area, we chose an amazing Arabian Nights theme .  We picked a color scheme of teal, purple and gold. We set up a beautiful Arabian Nights scene for guests to take photos with exciting performers such as a snake charmer, sword swallower, contortionist and an Arabian stilt walker.
Putting a theme to an event and adding these little touches, enhances the whole trade show experience!
In addition to all of the fun the guests and vendors had - we did do some good as well. For this food show, we partnered our client and Long Island Food Bank, Island Harvest together so at the end of the event, vendors are able to donate their surplus of food to Island Harvest's food rescue and delivery program. 



According to Island Harvest, we donated 7,089 pounds of food to the organization which supplemented 5,907 meals all over Long Island. 




Event Kings is so proud to have taken part in such a major, meaningful contribution and to give back to our Long Island community.

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Floral Friday

4:24 PM

Floral Friday - March 7th, 2014

Floral Centerpieces

For our Floral Friday for this week, we decided to do take a look at the floral centerpieces we have designed for various events.  All of our floral décor is beautifully hand-crafted by Event Kings' subdivision, King Lily Floral Design.
The top piece that we chose is made of gorgeous Hydrangeas, Asiatic Lilies, Spray Roses, Orange Roses and Veronica.
We can customize a beautiful and unique centerpiece for any type of event to perfectly fit your theme and give it a special touch!
King Lily Floral
Event Kings
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