Lucky In Love?

3:54 PM

With the huge popularity of the show Boardwalk Empire, Roaring 20’s themed weddings with a casino feel are going to be popular this year.

Game tables can be set up in the cocktail hour or reception and Cigarette Girls can pass around finger foods and drinks and showgirls welcome guests into the reception.

Flapper themed bridesmaids’ dresses will tie in the theme in bold colors and rich textures.

Fun centerpiece items can range from cigarette holders, lipstick, casino chips, pearls, dice, cards and flasks. Feathers and red flowers complete the look for the centerpieces.

Vintage classy chic lace wedding dresses will create a more feminine look.

Bride Bouquet

Bling Bling Bouquets

5:21 PM

Style Me Pretty - an awesome wedding blog - posted on their Facebook page today these gorgeous jeweled bouquets from Noaki Jewelry . They have such a vintage feel and are glamorous without being tacky. Best part is they last forever! I thought they would cost a fortune but fortunately they are $300 which is not insane considering most bridal bouquets can cost $150 and up.

Valentines Day

Valentine's Day Wedding!

11:06 AM

Style Me Pretty featured a beauiful Valentine's wedding on their Facebook Page that is not cheesy. It is super sweet and really cute. It doesn't hurt that the bride is gorgeous and her dress is so chic! Here are the pictures that highlight the theme!!

Party ideas

Party Inspiration: Valentine's Day!

3:03 PM

Is Valentine's Day cheesy? YES! Is it overrated? YES! Is it totally commercialized? YES! Should you celebrate it anyway? YES YES! Why not take the chance to commemorate the best emotion; LOVE! Here are some inspiring ways to party from Hostess with the Mostess Blog...

 Nobody loves you more than your puppy. Really, who else wags their tail incessantly when you walk in the door, even if you have only been away for 10 minutes? So show the love to your pup this V-day with heart shaped treats and lots of hugs!

 A frilly lace plate with heart shaped cookies is perfect for friends at work.

 This Love Rocks party is so cute I can't take it!

You can make an adorable, sticky and sweet Candy station

Or have it all go awry like Erin Gates from Elements of Style

bar mitzvah

Event Recap: Battery Gardens Bar Mitzvah!

11:04 AM

Oh how I love producing Bar Mitzvah's (or any social event for that matter). It is such an honor to be part of a family at a special time. It is even better when the party is a hit and the guest of honor tells his mom; "that is the BEST party I ever been to!!" My heart gets all warm! This Bar Mitzvah was at Battery Gardens in NYC. The entertainment was perfectly balanced for the kids and adults. The decor was elegant and classic with all white branches and orchids. Here are some pictures from the day...

 We had 2 dancers and one was a breaker - he rocked! The young kids joined in and he even did a mini break dancing instruction....super cool, retro style!
 These guys were drawn to the Game Wall like monkeys at an all banana buffet! The different screens had various play station and Wii games including a DJ Hero station.
 A magician walked around during cocktail hour and entertained the adults.
 Our amazing MC Martin rocked the house. He really took the event to another level and had
EVERYONE on the dance floor.
 The money booth was also a big hit (manned by our amazing staff Todd and John). The mom put real dollar bills in mixed with our funny money to make it really fun for the kids.

The photo booth with a NYC backdrop was a great keepsake for the guests.
 The centerpieces were white orchids, white branches and hanging tea lights.


Touchdown!! Superbowl Party Theme

2:02 PM

The Super Bowl is this Sunday and while I will be at a spa like most women should be, most will be gathering in front of the tube to watch the big game....or the commercials. Here is a play by play on what to do for a fun and simple Super Bowl Party.

What to Decorate With:
We made this centerpiece for a football themed Bar Mitzvah out of a galvanized tin, turf and cake toppers.
You can easily recreate this with wheat grass instead of the turf.

Eat This:
I don't make much but what I can make is a mean Turkey Chili. I make it  with turkey meat and veggies to make it healthy. Here is the recipe:

olive oil
1/2 red onion
1lb turkey meat
1 16oz. can chopped tomatoes
1 tsp tomato paste
Cayenne pepper
salt and pepper
frozen corn
frozen tri-color pepper strips
hot sauce of your choice (optional)

Directions: Coat a pot with olive oil and saute chopped onion. Add tomato paste. Add meat and brown. Add crushed tomatoes. Add cayenne, cumin, salt and pepper to taste and simmer for 30 minutes. Add frozen corn (about 1 cup or a handful) and frozen pepper strips (about 1 cup or a handful), desired amount of hot sauce and cook for an additional 10 minutes.

Leave the chili on the stove and serve with these great sides and you have an instant chili bar!
Sour cream, cheddar cheese, jalapeno peppers, hot sauce, rice, baked potatoes, corn bread, chopped chives, Frito's and Doritos!! 

Drink This:
Go local and seasonal and have some Blue Point Winter Ale.


What's New Cupcake?

1:58 PM

What's New, Cupcake?: Ingeniously Simple Designs for Every Occasion

My amazing colleague and I both received the book shown above...I have read it but she actually made cupcakes from it and boy oh boy do they look fantastic. See the pictures below and be in awe!

Here is what she plans to make for Super Bowl...who is she?