Event Recep: Go-Kart Teambuilding!

4:59 PM

Last week we produced a build-your-own go-kart Teambuilding event and it was a hit! The guests were divided into 4 teams of 3 and told to build their Go-Karts out of PVC parts, plywood, zip ties, etc. Extra points were given for creativity. Then when they were done they got to race them in the parking lot of Garden City Hotel.

gerbera daisies

Flower Friday: Ping Pong Balls and Mums!

7:00 AM

It's never a dull day here at Event Kings and last week a client called for an event with a Ping Pong Ball themed event. They wanted floral centerpieces within that theme. So....we filled each vase with Ping Pong balls and placed floral foam on top. The flowers were white football mums, green spider mums, green trichillium (they look like little powder puffs) and white gerbera daisies. The client had printed ping pong balls that we placed in the arrangement to make them stand out. The result was a sleek, modern and fun centerpiece.

kid party

Venue Spotlight: Island Paintball

2:21 PM

What do you do with a bunch of 12 year old boy's for a birthday party? Gone are the days where a clown and some balloons will do. The solution: Island Paintball in West Babylon!! This indoor arena offers birthday parties and even bachelor parties where everybody gets to run around and shoot each other with (washable) paintballs. The best part is they offer pizza and drinks so you don't need to do a thing!


Flower Friday: Pretty Peonies!

1:37 PM

 Last week I created sweet and luscious centerpiece for a Communion in Bayville. I used white stock, white hydrangea, blue muscari and gorgeous fluffy white and pink peonies. May is such a great month for peonies and they open perfectly and have an amazing smell...they should be used at all times!!