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Branding At Your Event
Make Your Name Stand Out

The Biggest Mistake a Corporate Company can make when having an Event is Not Enough Branding. Your brand is one of the most important things in the Marketing of your company- and an Event is the perfect place to splash your name and logo all over. 

And when we say splash it all over we mean it. We have been offering our clients some new and eye-catching branding opportunities; from GOBOs to Customized Casino Tables to Floor Graphics.

Take a look at the photos below from past Events where the clients capitalized on branding their company. 

Banners & Stands 

Banner Stand for the Bi-Annual Key Food- Vendor/Food Show

Custom Graphics

 Customized Graphics of a Logo on Ping Pong Tables

 Floor Graphic at the Entrance of a Broker's Event

 Logo Wall Graphics at NASDAQ

 Logo Graphic Installed on Inner Lit Lucite Bar & Columns at an Event at NASDAQ

 Customized 3' Balloon- Can be customized with Lettering, Picture or Logo

Casino Felts & Graphics

 Customized Casino Table Felts- At The 40/40 Club for ARod's Fundraiser
Used to Promote Sponsors that donate to the Event

 Our Sub-Division, Casino Kings, has Foxwood Felts on all of our Texas Hold 'Em Tables
These can be interchanged with custom felts or graphics to customize the table to your needs

Graphic displayed on our Inner Lit Casino Tables, Casino Kings


 Corporate GOBO displayed up on a wall at a Holiday Event

Long Island Pulse GOBO displayed on the Floor for the Holiday Cover Party

Out of all of these Branding options, it will be easy to find a Branding Method that fits your individual company and Event. Event Kings offers these Branding Options as part of our Event Package- Ask us how we can help make your Name/Brand stand out for your next Event.

Event Kings

DJs and Live Music

Live Music

12:02 PM

Event Trends:
Live Music & DJs

 Live Band at The New Yorker Hotel

Back in the day, Live Bands & Musicians were THE THING for any type of Wedding or Event.  But since the 1990's there has been an increasing changeover to using DJs. 

This trend is partly an effect of a dropping economy. Since people have less disposable income, they want more for their money, and when it comes down to it- DJs are cheaper than employing an entire Band. (We think technology had something to do with it also.) And of course there are still plenty of people who request Live Bands instead of DJs.

But the latest Trend that we are LOVING is DJ/Live Musician Hybrid.

We have been supplying a DJ/MC and some live musicians, such as an Electric Violinist, Saxophonist & Percussionist to chime in. Its an exciting mixture between the two. The DJ spins the same way he would normally, and the Live Musicians chime in and stroll around the dance floor interacting with guests.
Here are some pictures from our Events with Live Musicians-

Live Saxophonist- Chiming in with DJ/MC

 Live Electric Violinist- Chiming in with DJ/MC

 Live Percussionist- Interacting with Guests & Chiming in with DJ/MC

 Rat Pack Singer- Singing & Strolling on Dance Floor

Now if you'd rather stick with a Live Band, or just a Steel Drum Percussionist for a Cocktail Hour we can supply that too. We have everything from a 9 Piece to a 3 Piece Jazz Band, or even a Single Pianist to a Beatles Cover Band (like below).

 Beatles Cover Band

Let Event Kings help you decide the right choice or mix of music and entertainment for your next event.

Event Kings

Atlantis Marnie World

Mansions & Museums

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New York Event Trend
Mansions & Museums

An event trend that we have been noticing lately is events in Mansions & Museums. Guests are taking their events to a whole new extreme- and Event Kings is a BIG FAN. 


New York City and Long Island are filled with Museums. Museums usually have large almost-bare rooms in which you, or better yet US, can transform the room into an Event Space. (Check out one of our previous blogs on Event Transformation- Event Kings Blog- Event Transformation

The absolute BEST part of having your event at a Museum is you can usually ask or pay for some exhibits to be open. We did this in Chicago for a Corporate Conference last year. (Check out a blog all about that event- Event Kings Blog- Destination Conferences) The guests love this, especially if the museum has a hands-on exhibit.

Check out some of Long Island & NYC's Museums that are perfect for Events

Atlantis Marine World 

Museum of Natural History

Metropolitan Museum of Art

 Cradle of Aviation Museum


Long Island's Gold Coast is filled with Mansions from the era of the Great Gatsby- all built around 1910s to 1920s. Whether public or private, many of these Mansions open their doors for Events. 

Having your event at a mansion instead of a Catering Hall adds an element of History. Knowing that people once lived in these beautiful mansions, and seeing all the beautiful antiques gives the Event a different feeling.

Another plus to having your event at a mansion is you are not locked into a specific caterer. Although most suggest caterers and vendors to use, the final choice of who you use is completely up to you.

Check out some of Long Island Mansions that Event Kings has produced Events at

Chelsea Mansion

 Coe Hall Mansion

 Glen Cove Mansion

Old Westbury Gardens

Hempstead House

 Oheka Castle


We love doing any kind of event, but Mansions & Museums are one of our favorites.  If you are interested it switching up your event to a Mansion or a Museum, whether in NY or not, Event Kings is here to help.