Event Spotlight: Game night party!

7:42 AM

inner lit games, ping pong table, ping pong, venue selection

 Sometimes what everyone needs over the holiday season is to let loose and have fun. Nothing does that better than a fun venue, cool ping pong tables, comfort food and great music. This event for Taboola was just that, a modern twist on good 'ol fun!

catering, food, mini burgers, appetizers

These mini cheeseburgers were a perfect nod to comfort food in a small portion. 

DJ, dancing, fun, entertainment

The DJ got everyone on the dance floor to dance throughout the night. 

beer pong, when guests go wild, ping pong

Sometimes the guests take the games to another level!


Best Fundraising Tips!

9:20 AM

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Fundraising events are so important to non-profit organizations. Often times, one event is responsible for a large portion of their yearly budget. Because of this, we take these events seriously. We know how much is riding on one night. Event Kings is there to make sure everything is perfect so the client can focus on one thing; raising as much money as they can at one event. Throughout the years, experience has shown us a few tricks that make this happen. 

Tip #1: Make it a memorable evening.
Shown above, our customized stilt walkers stood in front of the stage while the director gave her speech. They were an interactive part in giving information about the non-profit and all of the important work they do. When guests remember the event they will be more likely to return the following year.

centerpieces, decor, floral design

Tip #2: Choose your decor budget wisely. 
All fundraising events monitor their budget so they can make the most profit. When it comes to decor make sure you spend your budget dollars wisely. One tip is to mix up the centerpieces with high and low options. Another idea is to incorporate the logo of the event wherever possible. Lastly, be creative with your decor so it ties into the theme of the event. 

entertainment, gala, unique entertainment

Tip #3: Splurge on an unforgettable entertainer. 
For some donors fundraising galas are a frequent occurrence. Make yours stand out with an amazing and unique entertainer or show. Event Kings has so many unbelievable entertainers to make your event one everyone will remember. 

chinese auction, silent auction, auction prizes

Tip #4: When getting raffle prizes make sure to know your audience. 
One key part of fundraising is a raffle. Prizes are donated and then raffled off to make the most money. Make sure your prizes are ones your guests will pay for. For example, sports memorabilia is wonderful at a youth fundraiser. 

casino, black jack, poker, roulette, craps

Tip #5: Sponsorship, sponsorship, sponsorship!
When planning a fundraiser the best way to maximize profits is to have most of the event sponsored before one ticket is sold. A great way to do that is have companies (or families) sponsor casino tables. Event Kings will create a framed sign for the table or better yet, we can customize the felt for
 those high tier donors. 

black jack, inner lit casino tables

Tip#6: Make everything custom.
For a breast cancer fundraiser we made everything pink, including the casino tables, chips and the casino dealer's bow ties! Every detail was considered to make certain the cause of the event was not communicated effectively.