4th of July

Carnival Galore!

10:29 AM

Independence Day Carnival Celebration
Before & Afters

Our favorite part about working with a empty space such as a golf course, or parking lot is that we get to completely transform it into an Event. Here are some Before & After shots of an Independence Day Celebration Event we produced last weekend Out East LI.

All the top images are the area before we brought in and set up our equipment and decor. The bottom photos are the same area while the Event was in full swing.

Our Carnival Booths 
Two of Which were used as a Prize Tent. Where the kiddies could turn their tickets in for PRIZES!

Giant Slide, Trailers & Euro Bungy
An Overview Shot of most of the Event

DJ Games
Our DJ played games with the kids all day- Hula Hoops, Water Balloon Toss, Musical Chairs...

Mini Gold Course
A 9 Hole Mini Golf course was brought it- Since the Event was on a REAL Golf Course, we thought it was a necessary part of the entertainment.

Water Gun Race Trailers
These 2 Trailers were crowded ALL DAY! Just like a Traditional Carnival, we brought in a Water Gun Race Trailer & a Skee Ball Race Trailer.

We never get tired of putting these Events together, because the smiles on the kids faces all day really make it worth it. 

Can't wait for Next Year- We know it will always be BIGGER & Better!

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