He proposed, you said yes...now what?

1:24 PM

The moment will love in your mind forever, the love of your life down on bended knee asking for your hand in marriage...as you blink back the tears you see the ring and you feel your heart melt as you push out the word "yes!"

After you come down to Earth you are ready to get started in planning the wedding of your dreams. You can buy wedding magazines with confidence and make that appointment at Kleinfield's without judgment. First things first, actually what is the first step you wonder? Before you hit the ground running here is a list of to-do's in the right order.

1. Make a list and check it twice.

Your guest count will dictate your location first and foremost. If you dream of a vineyard wedding you better make sure that quaint little vineyard can hold your brood.

2. Location, Location, Location

Now that you have your count consider how far you want the majority of your guests to travel. Manhattan may be your backyard but can be a hike for most of your invites. Either way, make sure you make accommodations for out-of-towners.

3. Make your dreams come true...

You know how many people you will invite, you know what area you want to be, now think of the theme or style you want your wedding to portray. Whether its modern, country, glamorous or casual find the venue that best suits you and your groom. When you find a location that best suits your character you will spend less money on decorations that transform the space to fit your vision.

4. Its all about the Benjamin's!

Try not to put all your wedding eggs in one basket - narrow it down to two or three venues that fit the bill. Compare the pricing and what you are getting for that number. If you are leaning towards one place over the other don't be afraid to mention the better price you are getting from the competitor. Also, be flexible with the date and you may get a better deal.

5. Say yes to the dress!

Once you booked the venue its time to find that perfect dress.

holiday wonderland

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland!

11:42 AM

This December Event Kings debuted their Holiday Wonderland scene at WABC-TV's annual holiday party! More than just a backdrop, this will transform any space into a snowy home for Santa. This 3 dimensional environment represents Hanukkah, Kwanza and Christmas, making kids of all religious backgrounds feel welcome and included. And for those card worthy pictures with Santa there is an over sized sleigh.

The best part about this set up is that it is flexible enough to fit in almost any space from a 10'X8' to a 20'X20' area. Call today to book this scene for your last minute holiday party...better yet, get a leg up for next year!

Do's and Don't for a DIY Bride

9:26 AM

Do It Yourself brides are on the rise, especially in this economy. Women still want the wedding of their dreams but are realizing that the price tag doesn't fit the budget. As a result, many of them are rolling up their sleeves, heading to Michaels and doing a lot of the leg work themselves. But before you reach for your hot glue gun, read my tips for diving into a DIY wedding:

DO remember your guest count. Before you take on a project think of how many people you are making them for. Details like programs, menus, favors increase as the guest count does. You can get away with making one per couple for the aforementioned but with a 200 person wedding comes 100 favors that need gluing, tying and assembling and after #57 you may want to throw those ribbon wrapped box of chocolates across the room.

DON'T forget it all adds up. When I was little there was a store in my neighborhood called "Cheap John's." I don't know who John was but boy did he have cheap stuff. My mom and I would go pile things in our basket exclaiming "It's only a dollar, get 2!" Wouldn't you know that the total was almost always over $100? We tend to forget the grand total when we are lured with a great bargain. But keep a tab on your "cheap" buys and ask yourself if the sum of it all would make more of an impact on something like lighting or larger flower arrangements.

Do gather help. If you are going to take on one or more projects to make your day perfect then enlist the help of your bridesmaids. Just know there will be those who jump at the opportunity to let their inner Martha Stewart shine and others who would prefer root canal to tying little ribbons on tulle packets of rice. However, everyone can play a part and the best way to get them all together is to have fun with it. Get a few bottles of wine, order your favorite take out, play great music and have some laughs; not only will you get your project done faster but you will have some great memories that last forever!

Don't take on more than you can chew. Placing a bunch of roses in a vase in one thing, making a 4 foot tall centerpiece is another. Know your limits and ask yourself if this project will make or break your wedding. Furthermore, make sure your expectations match your skill level. You pay of what you get and high price tags are usually attributed to the work and expertise that goes into it; keep that in mind when you are replicating a centerpiece you saw on Platinum Brides.

Do your homework. Magazines and the internet are great resources for Do it Yourself projects. Youtube is a wonderful tool for learning just about anything. Another great resource are the experts. Many wedding professionals are available for Q&A on wedding websites, blogs and even at showcases. Don't be afraid to pick their brain, the worst they can say is that they are uncomfortable sharing insider tricks.

DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF Last but most importantly is to remember that a wedding last a day and a marriage lasts a lifetime. No matter how many projects you tackle or how much money you save a wedding is a celebration of love, family and friends.

Talk about the Royal Treatment

5:30 PM

We recently created the centerpieces for the charity DebRA Spirit who honored her majesty Queen Noor of Jordan (on the left). The event was held at the St. Regis hotel in NYC and the centerpieces were rich looking with black magic roses and dark burgundy calla lilies.

Get me to the Church on time!

12:32 PM

Sometimes you can't wait to get to the alter and say "I do." More and more couples are opting for a quicker engagement and planning their wedding in as little as 3 months away. Not only can it be done, but there are benefits to tying the knot lickity split. Here are some tips to getting your dream wedding in record time!

1. Venue

Believe it or not, planning your wedding in less than a year is actually a plus when picking a venue. Catering halls are usually booked a year in advance so dates a few months out that are open could be considered a loss for them. Meaning you have the power to negotiate for a better rate. Be flexible with the exact date and ask to get the best price they can offer. Also get a few other quotes that include the same choices and upgrades so you can compare apples to apples.

2. Entertainment

Again, time or lack there of is on your side in this case. DJ's and bands also consider upcoming dates a wash or the winter season is typically slow for them meaning they are willing to offer their services for a discounted price. Don't forget to ask the DJ company if he will add in extras as a gift to you (like lighting or cocktail hour music). If the band you have been dying to get is booked ask them if they recommend another group. Many bands work together and cover each other if double booked.

3. Flowers

Here is where you may run up the tab. If you are looking for a specific flower that is not in season the florist will have a hard time finding them and as a result pay top dollar. If they pay more YOU pay more. To avoid this, pick flowers that are always available like roses, carnations, or even baby's breath (you may flinch at the thought but done right each of these flowers can look hip, modern and lush). Or, show your florist a look and tell her the individual flowers are not important as long as the overall feel is the same. That gives her the leverage to use what is in season and in stock.

4. Dresses
Waiting 8 weeks for a bridesmaid dress is SO 2005! In today's bridal fashion world there is a ton of options from popular stores like Jcrew, Ann Taylor and even Bluefly that offer great bride AND bridesmaids dresses that can be delivered in 1 week or less. Better yet, give your bridesmaids a swatch and tell them to get any dress as close as they can to that color. Your wedding party will look cool, fresh and confident wearing a dress that suits their body and taste. If you want that high-end dress that makes you feel like the princess bride you dreamed to be try trunk shows or sample sales at elite bridal places like Kleinfelds or Mark Ingram, just be prepared to pay for quick alterations.

5. Invites
Don't shun the idea of an evite to serve as a Save the Date (with as much information on it as possible). Guests will appreciate the heads up via e-mail rather than snub at the unconventional method. Follow up with a formal invitation that can be ordered online. One great site is http://www.invitationconsultants.com/ who now carry Preston Bailey invites.

6. Hire a Professional
Insert plug here____. OK, I may be biased but I know that hiring a professional planner or one stop shop is the best ways to get it done right and fast! A planner knows many great DJ's or bands and will make the calls to find out who's available. She can streamline the process tremendously and make you feel a little less stressed and a little more excited! Best of all, using one person/vendor/planner as the guardian of your budget you will save money for that first class upgrade on the honeymoon.


Event Kings Takes Times Square!

8:00 PM

Was it New Years Eve last Thursday? NO! It was the open house event at the NASDAQ building in Times Square! Along with Chef & Co. and Levy Lighting we put out all the stops to showcase an awesome venue. Overlooking Times Square, the NASDAQ event space is one of a kind, and we are excited to be the preferred entertainment and decor company.

Guests raved about floral arrangements, lounge furniture, and inner lit tables and bars. They
played like high rollers at our casino tables. They danced to our band and DJ. They even loved seeing their future from our fortune teller reading Tarot cards. All in all the event was a huge success! Check out all the pictures from the event taken by a great photographer; Hal (tandtstudios.com) on our website http://www.eventkingsny.com/!

bar mitzvah

Ante Up at Your Next Bar Mitzvah!

1:01 PM

Bar Mitzvah's are all about becoming a man and what better way to do that than to gamble like a high roller? Its harmless really, we promise that your young man won't go running away to Vegas and camp out at the Bellagio. OK, maybe we can't promise that but what we CAN promise is that it is a great theme for a party with both kids and adults.

We recently produced an awesome Bar Mitzvah with a casino theme and everyone had a blast. There was dancing for those who are light on their feet but there was also black jack, roulette and craps for the rest of the gang. We used customized "fun bucks" with the guest of honor's face on it. At the end of the party you exchanged raffle tickets for the bucks you made. The novice gamblers had no problems once they got to our tables; the dealers were more than happy to teach them as they go.

Quick tip - prizes are a great way to encourage people to gamble and dance (pay them to get on the floor) but they don't have to be over the top, a $10 gift card to Starbucks or ITunes is enough. Get enough prizes for 10% of your guests to win. Or, you can do prizes based on the top 5 earners. The biggest winner can get a slightly bigger prize while the last place can get a goof like tissues or a 8X10 picture of the honoree. You know your guests the best so do something that will make them laugh.

Taking It To Times Square!

11:43 AM

Event Kings is proud to announce that they are now the entertainment company for the NASDAQ event space in the heart of Times Square! Be on the lookout for our open house event that will feature our exquisite floral design, high rolling casino tables and fabulous entertainment.  Let us know if you are looking to celebrate New Years in Times Square - man, do we have a place for you!

Betsey Johnson

Event Kings Decorates Fashionista Party at Guild Hall

5:02 PM

The Art of Fashion in the Hamptons is an exhibit at Guild Hall that features design legends like Calvin Klein, Donna Karen, Betsey Johnson, Tory Burch, Nicole Miller, Ellie Tahari, Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang, and Reed Krakoff for Coach! It was amazing and Event Kings was honored to do the floral for the opening gala. We even got to help run the event. Yes, we were a bit star struck to see these fabulous fashion designers in the flesh but we kept a professional facade.


Why Should Kids Have All the Fun?

9:59 AM

The latest event trends are evoking memories of our childhood. Game programs, balloons, candy stations are just a few things that are bringing us back to the good old days of our youth.

We recently did a teambuilding program for Long Island Real Estate group that incorporated “Flag Day” or “Sports Day” games like over under water balloon, land skis, ducky relay race and Giant Jenga. Everyone had a blast, and how can you not when you have swim fins on your hands and a duck bill on your forehead and you are carrying a balloon to the other side of a field? Even the biggest cynic has to smile at that! And every time we do one of these programs there is always a Negative Nelly in the group who has a “this is so dumb” face on and you know what? they are the person who comes to the event in drag as a cheerleader with blue wig and pom-poms…its true, I’ve seen it myself. Honestly, these simple games work to bring an office together, to break the ice at a sales meeting or even to just feel like kids again at a backyard party.

On the cover of Martha Stewart Weddings this month was a gorgeous bride with balloons! How childish can you get? But it looked awesome. As a floral designer I am not initially inclined to suggest balloons for a wedding but I think we have come far from the 1980’s balloon heart behind the Dais. The key to making this work is bright colors and large sizes. Go for bright red and teal in 24” and 36”. It will fill up the space and make a visual impact in a tent or a venue with high ceilings. To keep it elegant add a floral base of roses. If this is too kiddie for your taste, think about hanging oversized balloons upside down. Fill them with air or nitrogen and you have inexpensive lanterns! One 36” (that’s a whopping 3 feet) costs around $20 compared to a 36” balloon that will cost $4 for 10. Sadly air is not free in this case as you will need a compressor which can easily be rented.

Ok, I know this trend has been around for a while now but I hope everyone considers it for any event. The candy store is the quintessential memory of happy childhoods. This is an easy thing to set up yourself but here are a few pointers:

*Try to have someone man it so they can invite guests over and replenish popular favorites.
*Don’t put out chocolate on a hot day, nothing spoils a party like brown stuff on a nice dress.
*Personalize the containers. Look for small Chinese takeout boxes or wax paper bags and put stickers on it with the date and name of the party.
*Label your candy in case someone has allergies.

Also, check out this awesome website from someone who ONLY does candy stations for events. http://amyatlas.com/index.php/main/


Lions, Tigers and Bugs...Oh MY!

9:06 PM

With summer in full swing nothing puts a damper on the night than those pesky little pests! Yes I mean mosquitos, nats, and beetles (but not fireflies; they are free mood lighting). So be prepared to keep those bugs at bay in order to keep your guests from scratching and leaving an outdoor event early. 

I did a great Bat Mitzvah last year in the Hamptons and it was an awesome outdoor event. However, just before start time a swarm of bugs came flying in like a kamikaze fleet. They were out for us and all the guests soon to arrive. Luckily my staff went out and bought 
a slew of bug spray for the attendees to use.  We also lit our tiki torches (all 20 of them) to combat the attack. It worked and the threatening swarm seemed to disperse in a half hour or so. 

Lesson learned? Be prepared for those little flying party spoilers. The best way is to have your property sprayed a day or two before the party. Ask your landscaper about an organic option that is made up of rosemary and mint oil. Its safer than the conventional insecticide and smells great! Another great option is to put a bottle of bug spray in the bathroom(s) for your party goers to use. Again, try to get a nice smelling one so all your guests don't start reminiscing about their last camping trip. OFF makes a nice Tropical or unscented spray.

One more tip, NO chocolate fountains outside!! Its like having an all banana buffet for a group of ravaging monkeys. Go for chocolate covered strawberries if you need that fix. EVEN better, serve frozen chocolate covered bananas on a stick!

Its all about Flow

1:33 PM

As a party planner, event producer, floral designer etc. expectations are high when throwing a private affair. But like the shoemaker's kids who have no shoes I rarely have any party for my family. I made an exception for my gorgeous baby girl and had a Baby Blessing; a non-denominational ceremony to welcome her into the world, into our family, and into our community. Also, it was a great reason to have a huge party!

With two large families our guest list crept up to 90 adults, 20 kids over 4 and 20 kids under 4. The challenge was to crate an upscale party but to keep that backyard relaxed vibe. The solution was to mix up the seating. We had eight 60" round tables under a 30X30 frame tent with 8 chairs at each table. On the patio we had 5 high boy tables on one side and four 36" round table with 4 chairs at each. All together we had seating for 80 people at one time. It was perfect, especially since guests came and left and then a new batch would saunter in. It definitely established a flow that was relaxed and fun. To elevate it beyond just a backyard BBQ I rented linens in jade and put pink and orange Gerber daisies on the tables with balloons floating above them. It was a tremendously successful event.