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Sand Castle Building

5:38 AM

This Summer Spin is a Team-Building "Win"

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Sandcastles are not only reserved for children. In fact, if you ask Event Kings, Sandcastles are not even limited to the beach.

One fantastic team building activity is Sandcastle Team Building. Your organization is divided into teams and each team builds  a unique and original sandcastle or sculpture. It could be the Empire State Building or Big Ben if the theme is something like “O” Magazine’s Sand Castle Team Building event, “O The Places You’ll Go.”

Event Kings is able to provide the unique experience to any organization. We bring the sand to you and the team building event takes place on your lawn or even in a parking lot. If you were considering team building and want to kick-off with a real crowd pleaser, this one is "win" for everybody.

Call Event Kings at 631.392.1234 so we can bring a little bit of Summer to your office!

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