Employee Appreciation: Social Distance Options

11:15 AM

Everyone has been handed many ups and downs this past year. Companies are navigating uncertain waters, people are working from home while teaching their kids. Saying it hasn’t been an easy ride is an understatement. 

That’s why we need employee appreciation efforts more than ever. 

Now Pre-2020, an employee appreciation event looked very different. It might have looked like a large carnival in a local park, or a bbq in the parking lot, or even a cocktail hour out at a rooftop restaurant. 

So reimagining what an employee appreciation effort looks like has been one of our main tasks. Keeping social distancing in mind and extra care when it comes to service, we have created a few different options. 

Hot BBQ to Boxed Lunches

Now it’s not as great as a hot burger right off the grill, but it is delicious. We have been delivering boxed lunches to offices for their employees, and employees come down in shifts to pick theirs up. It’s a small gesture that goes a long way. 

Live Events to Virtual 

Nothing is as amazing as a live event, but under the circumstances, virtual is just as good. We have all types of virtual events that can be used as team building or happy hours. Virtual trivia, bingo, clue, and escape the room are just some of our favorite options. 

Restaurant Events to Giveaways

Instead of your normal cocktail hour or company retreat, many are opting for branded gifts instead. Send your employees who are working from home a nice cocktail shaker kit. Or maybe a warm blanket with your logo embroidered and a bottle of wine for the holidays. 

Outdoor Movie Night!

3:02 PM

Treat Your Employees To An Outdoor Movie Night!
The newest trend is to have an Outdoor Movie Night! 
Everyone loves to snuggle up on a blanket with a box of hot popcorn with their family or friends to watch timeless movie!

We offer two types of Movie Nights:

Option #1: 
- Inflatable Screen in Two Different Sizes 
22' x 16' or 30' x 16' 
- (3) Hour Rental 
- Day Viewings Only 
- Viewing for up to (200) People Seated
- Includes a DVD player, Speakers & Attendant  

Option #2:
- Movie Screen Truck 
18' x 8' 
- (4) Hour Rental 
- Viewing for up to (200) People Seated 
- Day or Night Viewings 
- DVD Provided by Client 
- Use of Streaming Service Based on WiFi 

With each option you can add on fun giveaways for your guests!

Weather you want to have this movie night for your family & friends or for your employees the possibilities are endless to have a night of fun! 


Virtual Events

10:00 AM

We are all trying to figure out how to still stay social while still social distancing.  As for events, we are doing everything that we can to keep it fun & interactive while still being safe.

Whether it is for work team or for a fun virtual happy hour with friends, this is a much needed break from our new normal. We are offering a virtual Trivia Challenge and Bingo! 
What this allows us to do is set up a private game of trivia just for your group. We can do custom trivia (i.e. Disney, Sports etc.) or just general knowledge! 
This game will also include a live host to run the game through the website Zoom & the guests will answer the questions on their phone or computer. The host will be there to answer any questions along the way! Points will be tallied throughout the game & the host will update everyone with the live scores! 

This will be set up the same way as trivia but instead each guest will have their own BINGO card on their phone while our live host calls out the numbers. This is perfect for a group that is just looking for some good old fun! 

Along with BINGO & Trivia we are also offering Virtual Scavenger Hunts & Psychic Readings! There is something for everyone! 

If you would like to add some extra fun into your virtual event why not send your employees or family members a branded snack to eat while you play your games! 

We are here for you at Event Kings & we would love to be part of your Virtual Events with the people you love! 

Corporate Team Building NY


12:44 PM

We all are always looking for the newest & greatest ideas for team building. 
Team building is a great way for your employees, friends & family to be competitive, work up a sweat & just simply have fun!
Event Kings offers the best of the best entertainment & ideas

Tough Mudder

Trivia Night

Scavenger Hunt 

Murder Mystery Dinner

Color Wars

Color Wars 


Roaring 20's in 2020

12:24 PM

Welcome to 2020!

The biggest trend going into 2020 is bringing back the Roaring's 20's! 
The gold glitter, the feathers, & the flappers add so much to your event! 
Decor & entertainment is everything when it comes to specialty events!
Everyone these days are loving the idea of going back in time & reliving the 1920's! 

A Night at the Races

Fundraising Season

11:59 AM

Event Kings is the company to use for all your fundraising needs. Whether it is a casino night, trivia, baking wars or horse racing. There is something for everyone & we can help! 

 Our roulette, black jack, poker and craps tables are Vegas style and pristine! Your guests feel like they are in a real casino but without real money. 

 Casino Kings, we are able to produce the best fundraisers that maximize the profits towards worthy causes. Casino Fundraisers are always a hit. Often times people ask us, how is this legal? Simple, no money is exchanged at the tables, so guests are never gambling with real money, but rather fun money vouchers that are given upon arrival as seen above. 

Custom Trivia Nights are the newest hits to add to your fundraising night. 

Event Kings sets up their night at the races event with a betting booth where two attendants hand out betting forms for each race. Each race is shown on our tv's & your guests will be able to watch them as they are they are racing.