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Venue Spotlight: Princess Manor

12:34 PM

Venue Spotlight: Princess Manor
In The Heart of Brooklyn

As a Event Company we produce many events all over New York, Long Island, and New Jersey, we come across a lot of Venues in our travels. And there are always a few that leave a great impression.

This beautiful venue lies in the Heart of Brooklyn, and consists of four elegant rooms. 

Their largest ballroom can seat up to 300 guests comfortably. This is one of the only venues in that area that can produce an event this size.


The event we produced at this venue was a Casino Fundraiser. Together with Princess Manor we  incorporated the gaming tables into the ballroom using buffet stations and cocktail tables.

Princess Manor is Family Owned and Operated and extremely professional. They were on top of their game making sure the client was always happy.

End result was a successful Event for the foundation and the guests also. 


You can visit their website- Princess Manor- or contact us to find out more information.
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Bling Bling Bouquets

Bling Centerpieces

2:04 PM

Flower Friday
Add a  little Bling to your Table

Today is Flower Friday! The theme from King Lily Floral is Bling Bling Floral.

Whether your centerpieces for a Baby Shower or the Bouquet for your Wedding- it could always use a little Bling !

Here are some centerpieces that we  recently did for a Baby Shower. They were simple white flowers that included hydrangeas, mums and roses. The base is where the Bling came in!

We also provided votive candles with some Bling to be placed around the centerpieces 
and tie in the theme.


For this Bride's Bouquet the stems were wrapped in some Bling while we placed individual diamonds and crystals into the face of the roses.

We did the same for this yellow and green bouquet.

For this flower-less centerpiece, we hung tear drop shaped crystals from the birch branches.

We also sprinkled loose crystals around the base. Bling, Bling & More Bling!

Finally, this seating card centerpiece is dripping in crystals.

To see more pictures of Bling Centerpieces and Bouquets, visit our website at King Lily Floral.

We love to customize each centerpiece and bouquet to the individual client, so contact us so we can fit you with a piece that we know you will love.

And-- Happy Flower Friday Everyone!

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Candy Bar

Popcorn Day!

11:34 AM

Popcorn Day
Popcorn, Popcorn, and more Popcorn!
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Last week we produced an Event for a Company with numerous buildings in Westbury, NY. We provided 6 different buildings with a Popcorn Machine, Attendant & Freshly Popped Popcorn for an hour during the employees lunch break.

As we started popping the popcorn- employees were drawn in by the smell of fresh popcorn and butter drifting around the buildings.  

The popcorn was served in these Vintage Style popcorn bags to each employee- and the rest was bagged up for the overnight shift of employees.


 We even themed our Balloon Clusters around the Popcorn Theme. We made each balloon cluster look like a popped kernel, with red and white ribbon to represent the bags!

  Here are some stations we set up with our attendants preparing and serving the popcorn.

We have to admit- we had a ton of FUN producing this event!

Along with our larger Events like Weddings, Sweet 16s, Corporate Picnics, and Casino Fundraisers, we Welcome the smaller events like Popcorn Day with open arms!

We also provide other Fun Food Items like Cotton Candy Machines, Hot Pretzels, Churro Machines,  Candy Bars, and EVEN Smoothie Huts!

Contact us to plan your next event- whether big or small, we go above and beyond for every event.

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Employee Appreciation

3:47 PM

Event Trend
Appreciate Your Employees
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When employees are happy they feel a sense of accomplishment  and satisfaction in their work-- this increases productivity. So as a Boss or HR Manager, your goal should be to keep your employees happy. Daily- you should praise them when appropriate & hear out their opinions and ideas.

But one of the TOP ways to keep your employees happy with their position and productive is to show them a little appreciation. So we suggest an Employee Appreciation Day!

Our latest Event Trend that we have noticed is an Employee Appreciation Day. These things are popping up everywhere!

An Employee Appreciation Day can range from a Popcorn Machine & Cotton Candy Machine to a Full Out Picnic with Games, Rides, and a BBQ.

In the Summer months many companies hold a Company Picnic, and in the Winter many hold a Company Holiday Party. But what about the months in between? You should aim for at least one Fun Act of Appreciation a Quarter. 

These smaller Appreciation Days are pretty cheap and can entertain a large amount of employees. Some of the Events we have done for this have included:
  - A Strolling Magician
  - Fresh Pretzel, Popcorn, Cotton Candy & Churros- served from an old fashion machine
  - DJ with some Games like Giant Jenga
  - Foosball, Ping Pong, and Air Hockey Tables
  - Balloon Decor

Check Out More Ways to Show Appreciation- 

Imagine how Happy you would make your employees if there was a Mr. Softee Truck parked outside the building- with Free Ice Cream for them!

 Balloons just ooze happiness- Adding Balloons around your office for you Appreciation Event will instantly transform a regular work day to a real Treat!

 Candy Bar Set Up  - OR You could have our Attendants Stroll Around Handing It Out

Carnival Tents with Old Fashioned Games

 These are some employees at a Corporate Company playing Giant Jenga together. 

 Ping Pong!

 Photo Booth is always a good time- No explanation needed.

A Strolling Multi-Talented Performer

Remember... Happy Employees = More Productivity

Employees that are Happy and Feel Appreciated are more likely to stay with their job for a long period of time.

This idea is feasible for Large Corporation or Small Businesses. We can tailor your Employee Appreciation Event to your Company's needs and wants.

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