Top 5 Events of 2018!

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We are lucky and blessed at Event Kings to plan and produce 357 events in 2018 (with 65 of them during the holidays). All of them are unique and special but a few stand out. So to reflect back, we are highlighting our top 5 events of 2018!

capitale, NYC, four seasons

Pajama Program is such an amazing organization that their events take on a new meaning and have a special place in our hearts. Raising money to donate new pajamas for children in foster care and group homes make a huge impact on so many lives. This year's theme took us through the seasons of Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. The event was at Capital in NYC and was truly remarkable. Read more about it here

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#2 Independent Support Services Picnic
Picnics are our jam! We have been producing company picnics for years and when we see colleagues and their families come together to have fun and honor the work they did throughout the year it brings a feeling of solidarity to the entire team. This year's picnic for Independent Support Services hosted over 1200 people with carnival, inflatables, food, DJ and prizes! It was wonderful event. 

NYC, halloween party, corporate events, event design

Taboola's haunted Bayou Halloween party allowed us to take our event design to new heights. The lighting, ivy, centepieces, and customized signage all came together in this exquisite and eery Halloween event. Read more about it here.

carnival, student events

#4 Stony Brook University Wolfieland Carnival
Almost 3,000 students attended the Wolfieland carnival at Stony brook University this fall. Event Kings produced an amazing event for students to enjoy that included carnival rides, tents, and entertainment. Watch a youtube montage all about the event here.

NY Islanders, casino fundraiser, black jack, roulette

#5 New York Islanders Casino Night
This year's 6th annual fundraiser to benefit the Islanders Children's Foundation was held at Chateau Briand and featured Casino Kings' pristine tables. Each year the team players guest deal at the tables as our own staff help and fill in. It is a great night and it always raises money for a wonderful cause. We are honored to be a part of it. Watch more about the event here.

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