Linen Lust

7:15 AM

If its wrong to get excited about linens, then I don't want to be right! Last week while looking on the website of one of my favorite linen suppliers - Cloth Connection - my blood pressure went up and I felt dizzy with designer's high. I was like a housewife at a Twilight premier - inappropriately giddy! The new additions are so stylish and fashionable I just couldn't take it - Citrus Pucci (pictured above)? Yes please!

I often promote the impact of a great linen and justify its cost by having a small centerpiece (or none at all in some cases). These babies are show stoppers and will have an unexpected visual impact at your event. Don't shun these loud prints for weddings...think of them as a fabulous dress; to make it work everything else should be simple. Here are some of my favorite choices.

Emerald Tye Dye Paylette - gives the illusion of a mystical sea. Makes me think of mermaids, which means it MUST be cool.

Chocolate Cirque Taffeta - gives a masculine elegance. I don't think the picture does this linen justice but the rich chocolate color with copper and silver swirl appliques is really special and lends a Moroccan feel.
Damask Flock Taffetas - such a classic pattern but with the red and white it brings a modern twist. I love this look because it is chic but not overly feminine.

Black and White Pucci - this line is truly inspiring, with so many colors to choose from and such an ornate design it really will be what everyone is talking about at your event. I don't know what event this is for but the lines in the linen seem to reflect the jazz picture on the wall. The centerpieces are simple with feathers, however, those carnation balls are HUGE! Yes, you just read that correctly!
Blackberry Crushed Shimmer - I have used this crushed shimmer line a lot, and especially at weddings. Its just so pretty! It definitely shimmers and reflects light beautifully.

I hope you have fun getting inspired by all the linen choices and use something gorgeous at your next event.

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