Flower Friday - Cut Hydrangea

8:49 AM

Hydrangea are like the Queen of the wedding floral industry. They are always in demand due to their lush and full blooms. However, they are temperamental and can wilt very quickly. If you have a yard full of them now and want to snip these babies to put on your dining table this weekend follow these tips for maximum life span.

1. Bring a bucket of water and clippers with you to the garden
2. Cut the stem of the hydrangea and place entire bloom in water - this will get any bugs out that live in the petals and hydrate the entire flower. Note: you can also plunge the hydrangea head if in a few days the flower starts to wilt. It will revive it in a few minutes.
3. Bring the stems inside and boil water.
4. Pour water in a vase or bucket - about 3 inches high
5. Place end of stems in boiling water for up to 10 seconds. This clears the bottom of that sticky/sappy substance that prevents water from reaching the flower.
6. Place in vase and arrange according to your artistic impulse! You can place about a teaspoon of vinegar and a teaspoon of sugar in the water (depending on how big your container is) to extend the life.
Glamourous hydrangea centerpiece I did for a wedding last June. The crystals and orchids in the vase give this piece a luxe look.
Very smple piece we did for a wedding a few years ago. Hydrangea heads were placed in cylinder vases, filled with water and topped with a floating candle. We put the vases on a mirror. Usually I like to place blooms on the mirror in bold colors but the bride wanted something very simple. It is still very elegant.
How simple is this? A bucket that acts as a table number? Loves it! Again, this shows how versatile and chic these blooms are!

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