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When to Hire a Wedding Planner

4:47 PM

To hire a wedding planner or not? That is the question on many bride and groom's minds as they prepare for the big day. Many people think hiring a planner is an unnecessary cost. While in some cases you may not need the extra help, but in many it is vital. Here are some situations where we know a wedding planner is a must;

Getting Married at a Private Residence
Nothing is more intimate or personal than getting married at a private home. Whether it is yours or a relative's, a planner is key for many reasons. First; we've done this hundreds of times and know exactly what you need to do to prepare the space. Do you have electric available? Do you need to rent a bathroom trailer? Did you spray for insects? Having planned events in private residences we can guide you on how to perfectly prepare for a large event. In addition, the last thing you want to do the day of your wedding is make sure the DJ arrives. Let your planner check in every vendor and put out any fire that may arise while you calmly get ready for your big day!

Getting Married at an Nontraditional Location
Getting married at a nontraditional location is such a memorable event for you and your guests. Campground, Christmas Tree Farm, Vineyard? We've done them all and know the permits, timing, hidden costs and where to save in order to hold your wedding at a location other than a catering hall.

Large Wedding Party
There's nothing like being surrounded by all your loved ones and friends on your special day. But sometimes a large wedding party can lead to a large headache! Organizing more than 8 bridesmaids and groomsmen can be stressful. Add a very emotionally involved family and you can find yourself stressed for months before the wedding. A wedding planner will diffuse any tension by organizing logistics and timeline for you.

Lots of Little Details
Details make a wedding YOUR day. They add the personal touch that guests remember. That being said, sometimes a lot of details can be tough to execute all on your own. Many venues offer to place menus, favors, etc. but when it comes down to your entire vision only a wedding planner will make certain everything is exactly the way you want it.

Who isn't nervous for your wedding day. Months of planning for a five hour event can make even the most serene person crazy! But if the idea of planning a wedding gives you a panic attack instead of butterflies then a wedding planner is a must. You will have a hand to hold with every step of the process and someone to help organize all the details that keep you up at night so you actually enjoy your engagement and the wedding!

If you are getting married and looking for a planner then contact us today! Our social division, Weddings by Event Kings, will make sure everything is perfect for your big day.


Get the Most our of Your Company Picnic

1:46 PM

When companies host a picnic for their team it always turns out to be a great investment. Each year we see employees leave happy, feeling appreciated and motivated to work hard for their employer. It gives our team at Event Kings a sense of pride to be able to bring world class catering, games, attractions, entertainment and event management to the corporate world.
Here are a few tips to make this year's picnic amazing!

Don't Forget the Kids
If a company chooses to include the families of their team members make sure to have activities and entertainment for them as well. Our carnival games attract kids of all ages and with prizes for participation everyone has fun! It's also a good idea to offer a craft that acts as a keepsake as well.

Make It A Team Event
When companies combine teambuilding into their picnic they see more return on their investment. Games and challenges that encourage teams to work together achieves a few goals; one being that it brings staff from various departments together for a day. Another great benefit is that it forces teams to flex their problem solving skills while having fun.

Bring In Something Different
It shows your team you care when you change things up each year. The same old picnic can keep guests complacent. Our giant billiards is just one example of an attraction that is new and fun for everyone.

How will you picnic this year?