Our Favorite Teambuilding Events!

2:54 PM

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Teambuilding events are one of our favorite types to produce. They are always fun, creative and rewarding. You truly see the affects these programs have on the guests. From companies to schools, all participants of teambuilding programs leave united. 

teambuilding, event, superhero, themes, conferences, meetings, corporate

One of our favorite themes was our "Superhero" theme for our client Taboola. They created their entire conference around it, including the teambuilding "build your own superhero" contest. Guests were given all sorts of materials and clothing to create their perfect superhero. 
teambuilding, event, egg drop, themes, conferences, meetings, corporate
 Another option is our classic "Drop" contest where guests participate in an auction for various materials that will help them make the perfect landing spot for an egg. This two part event forces the team to manage money, work together and communicate ideas. 

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One of our most popular summertime events is "Sandcastle Teambuilding." Teams watch a demonstration by professional sandcastle builders and from their need to collaborate and communicate on designing and building their own castle. Some clients have even picked a theme that teams have to be inspired by. This event can be done on OR off the beach!

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For those off-site conferences in quaint towns or even big cities, a scavenger hunt is always a hit! Our customized questions allows this activity to be done anywhere. It is a wonderful way for teams to work on navigation skills, communication and outside of the box thinking.

Capitale NYC

Event Spotlight: Pajama Program 2018

11:56 AM

Capitale NYC, fundraising, gala, nonprofit, pajama program

One of our favorite events of the year is for Pajama Program. This amazing nonprofit donates pajamas and books to children in shelters or group homes. They believe this simple act for many is a profoundly important ritual for those in need. Changing into pajamas and reading a book before bed impacts children's quality of sleep and leads to days that are rested and ready for learning. Read more about this wonderful organization here.

This year, the theme was "Love is the best light to read in all year round." To bring this theme to life fairy lights accented every centerpiece and was incorporated into the performer's costumes. 
calla lilies, fairy lights, fall centerpiece, fall flowers

The centerpieces were themed for all four seasons. We represented winter, spring, summer and fall and as mentioned, each piece had fairy lights incorporated into them. The fall piece was made of cylinders holding flame calla lilies and ruby mokara orchids. The middle had orange fairy lights and fall leaves were scattered around the table.

winter flowers, winter centerpiece, winter decor, hydrangea, lantern centerpiece

The winter piece was a lantern filled with blue fairy lights on top of a bed of white hydrangea, crystal branches, dusty miller leaves, snowy pinecones and silver netted spheres. 

spring flowers, tulips, cherry blossom, cylinder centerpiece, spring theme, orchids

The spring centerpiece included cylinders filled with flowering branches, tulips and green orchids. The middle piece had moss and fairy lights. 

summer flowers, sunflowers, moss, lantern centerpiece, hydrangea, yellow and green centerpiece

Summer was represented with a lantern filled with fairy lights on top of a bed of green hydrangea, sunflowers, yellow roses, yellow craspedia, solidago and moss spheres. It also had butterfly accents.

Guests were greeted with our Spring and Summer stilitwalkers. These costumes were custom made for the event. 

fall event, fall performer, event entertainment

winter performer, winter entertainer, winter theme, fairy lights

 Inside, the guests enjoyed our fall and winter performers on pedestals and over the entranceway.

step and repeat, photo station, open photo booth

Our open photo booth was a big hit and used their step and repeat as a backdrop. 

event entertainment, summer entertainment, spring entertainment, fall entertainment, winter entertainment

event entertainment, summer entertainment, spring entertainment, fall entertainment, winter entertainment

event entertainment, summer entertainment, spring entertainment, fall entertainment, winter entertainment

All four of our performers went on stilts during the reception and went throughout the tables and then in front of the stage. Each one of them held a sign that read I am the light of their particular season. They, along with the centerpiece and coordinating linens, really drove home the theme. 

capitale nyc, venue, Bowery, New York City

As always, our friends at Capitale were a pleasure to work with and provided a 
stunning venue to be in!