Friday, July 8, 2016

Sand Castle Building

This Summer Spin is a Team-Building "Win"

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Sandcastles are not only reserved for children. In fact, if you ask Event Kings, Sandcastles are not even limited to the beach.

One fantastic team building activity is Sandcastle Team Building. Your organization is divided into teams and each team builds  a unique and original sandcastle or sculpture. It could be the Empire State Building or Big Ben if the theme is something like “O” Magazine’s Sand Castle Team Building event, “O The Places You’ll Go.”

Event Kings is able to provide the unique experience to any organization. We bring the sand to you and the team building event takes place on your lawn or even in a parking lot. If you were considering team building and want to kick-off with a real crowd pleaser, this one is "win" for everybody.

Call Event Kings at 631.392.1234 so we can bring a little bit of Summer to your office!

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Monday, June 20, 2016

One of Long Island Best Kept Secrets

Spotlight on Sherwood Vineyards

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From weddings and other bridal affairs to an intimate gathering or corporate executive retreat, vineyards possess that certain je ne sais quoi. It is an unmatchable atmosphere of sophistication. It’s is the especially great choice for a gorgeous rustic wedding.
Recently, our favorite vineyard at Event Kings is, Sherwood Tasting House offers beautiful spaces that create the kind of ambience that is so crucial on that important day. Event Kings has the experience needed to prepare and transform the already picturesque vineyard, into the perfect venue to suit the needs of any client. Allow Event Kings to dazzle and delight you while the voluptuous wine and sumptuous scenery provide the rest.

The only way to access the best that the East End has to offer is by enlisting the amazing staff at Event Kings. Call 631.392.1234 to unlock one of Long Island’s Best Kept Secrets.

Grab your phone and raise your glass!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Real Summer Sizzler -- Team Building!

An Exclusive Aspect of the Event Kings' Advantage

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I know we’re always boasting about what a fantastic team we have and that’s not by accident. Here at Event Kings, we can boast 20+ years of experience in Team Building. If you’re wondering what Team Building is and how it can directly benefit your business, we’ve got some answers for you.

At Event Kings, Team Building is a term that encompasses an all-day or multi-day event that can be stand alone or built into a multi-day conference. The activities that are scheduled during Team Building events are thought-provoking and fun! They are designed not only to entertain and challenge, but also foster friendly productive environments in the workplace.
These activities take the form of a three-legged race, gigantic board games or build your own go-cart to name a few. Even if you are  in charge of planning the event, you are not exempt from the games! Event Kings is there the entire time to manage every aspect of the Team Building Experience so that you can be as present as possible. Each team receives a team ID in the form of bandannas or sunglasses in a different color and identifies themselves with a fun name. Physical fitness is not required and you’d be surprised how competitive they can get!
The best part- it is a great way to bring out the best in everyone, having some fun while you’re at it.

Seize this summer as a sizzling opportunity to invest your team.

Carpe Diem!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Congratulations Grad!

The Most Exclusive Backyard Graduations Brought to you By Event Kings

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May and June are important times for backyard graduations. I’m sure there is a graduate in your life that you want to show that you are particularly proud of. In honor of their achievements why not host a fun backyard event that bridges the generation gap with sophisticated Casino theme, that gets Grandma talking to your Graduate’s best guy pal around the Black Jack table?

There’s also always the option of a friendly all ages game of Ping-Pong to really make things interesting. It’s an especially thoughtful touch to look ahead and decorate with the colors of your graduate’s college choice. This way we are reminded that graduation is not the end, but merely the beginning of a lifetime of possibilities.
Don’t forget, your graduate couldn’t get where they are without you! That is why it is so important to pick up the phone and call Event Kings, let the professional team of Event Planners take care of all the details of your backyard graduation extravaganza. Let’s face it, going away to college is a big deal and you might be seeing less of him/her once he/she goes away to school, so these memories together are truly precious. Give yourself the opportunity to truly be in the moment.

Congratulations Grads!

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Promo Kings takes Advertising Further

Promo Kings

Employee Spotlight: AJ Demichael 

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There’s another fantastic member of the Event King’s family that we’ve been itching to introduce you to.
Promo Kings
 Meet AJ Demichael, the Operating Partner of Promo Kings, the Event Kings merchandising and promotion division. Promo Kings, through the expertise and vision of AJ Demichael is committed to providing our clients with high-quality and competitively priced customized merchandise.

The type of merchandise available at Promo Kings is top-notch and not limited to merely goody-bag swag. AJ has a talent for discovering and developing unique products to fit the needs of businesses from small to large as well as custom-themed merchandise for social events.
Promo Kings
AJ graduated from Hofstra University with a BA in Accounting and his book smarts translate into solutions that fit your budget “I remember one of my first large quantity orders that I secured, my client told me that she was so impressed that I was able to get her a significant discount compared to what she was paying to a competitor. It felt really good as a business owner that I was able provide a service that makes a noticeable difference in my client’s bottom line.”

In fact, you could say that it it AJ’s specialty to cultivate mutually beneficial business relationships. According to AJ, “My favorite part about Promo Kings is building relationships with certain brands and clients. I enjoy being able to help when a client needs help with a project or is stressed over a short turn around time. My focus is never on the point of sale; it’s about providing a true useful service.”
As to the type of clients that AJ is accustomed to servicing:

“Generally speaking, my clients are either in marketing departments or human resources – they have enough on their plate, It’s nice to rely on someone like myself to source them a great, budget friendly product and take care of the time line of the order. Everyone is on a budget, from a parent planning a Sweet Sixteen to billion dollar corporations – I just want to make sure everyone I deal with feels taken care of and that they got a bang for their buck.”

As the Operating Partner, AJ is the face of Promo Kings and that means that he is always ready to go what it takes to get the job done. AJ runs all daily operations of Promo Kings – from point of proposal until the moment of delivery and beyond. “I am always accessible, Sunday, Out of the country, 3am; if a client needs me I will be there for them,” AJ says.

Quality products, professional services and fantastic pricing are all part of AJ’s plan to provide his customers a top-notch experience that yields results. Contact Promo Kings and continue to check the blog to learn more about the fantastic products that Promo Kings can source to enhance your mission, big or small.

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