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Transformation Tuesday

3:22 PM

One of the best parts of our industry is having the opportunity to transform a space and create the event of someone's dreams! Whether it is making a traditional wedding venue into a rock arena, transporting an entire company into Alice's Wonderland or creating an out of this world celebration for 1,000 guests, each transformation leaves us excited and inspired.

wedding rock concert

Joanne and Scott were two special people who had a unique vision for their wedding. They were not too concerned about the dress, the tux, the flowers or anything else for that matter. What they most wanted was to make their wedding reception a rock concert! To achieve this we installed a full stage and upgraded lighting to get the full concert effect. To make the night complete, the groom designed tie dyed band t-shirts for favors!
Corporate Holiday Party
 Every year our clients challenge us to come up with new and exciting themes for their holiday party. For the Alice in Wonderland theme our goal was to bring in large scale decor that made an impact to the crowded room of 1,000 guests. To achieve that we installed a giant screen that projected the 2010 version of the movie. We also made a gaming area with artificial turf rug, oversized chess pieces and regal lounge furniture and staged three foot playing cards around the room. For added drama we lighted the room in red. Centerpieces were Mad Hatter hats and tea sets filled with flowers.
Corporate holiday party
For the "Sky's the Limit" theme at Capitale in NYC we knew that to fully transform such a unique space we needed to have high drama. Hence, our hanging aerialist from a 65 ft ceiling! Along with this amazing entertainment were custom designed metal spheres with floral accents.  To complete our transformation the venue was lit in blues, purples and reds. 

award ceremony

Event Spotlight: Superhero Conference Dinner

11:01 AM

guastavino's NYC, corporate conference, welcome dinner

When one of our favorite clients said they had a superhero themed sales conference we brainstormed to create a vintage comic book vision. For their welcome dinner at Gustavino's in NYC, we had custom made letters wrapped in vintage comic strip paper spell out their company name.

guastavino's NYC, corporate conference, welcome dinner

On all of the ceiling panels we projected sayings from comic book hero fights. 

guastavino's NYC, corporate conference, welcome dinner

The floral was designed wo use primary colors in blue, red and yellow. 
They were themed and elegant.
guastavino's NYC, corporate conference, welcome dinner

guastavino's NYC, corporate conference, welcome dinner

The place cards were another opportunity to theme the event with a customized stand holding all of the themed place cards. 

guastavino's NYC, corporate conference, welcome dinner

guastavino's NYC, corporate conference, welcome dinner
With the lighting, floral, and custom themed touches, the entire event came together perfectly.