Monday, October 31, 2016

EK in the Age of Social Media

Increase Your Social Media Presence with Event Kings

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Have you ever wondered how to increase YOUR social media presence? It doesn’t matter if it is for business or personal reasons, what exists on your profile says a lot about you. Social media is also a valuable tool for sharing memories with loved ones and cataloging important life events.
 Planning how your event will be projected in social media is just one of the event enhancements available from the full-service event planning team here at Event Kings. Event Kings ensures that you have the technology and manpower so that your personal or corporate event projects the image consistent with your vision. From photo booths to professional photography pictures, hashtags and announcements don’t be left behind in the 20th century. Let Event Kings organize social media to streamline and refine your web presence while you take care of being present at your epic event.
At Event Kings, we understand that image is everything. Let us help you capture them all. 
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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

EK Super Sweet Sixteen

Make Sixteen Super Sweet

Event Kings

As the parent of a high-schooler, you have your hands full! Managing academics and athletics is a full-time job. Extracurricular clubs and home life leave very little time to enjoy these precious moments. Why not have Event Kings do what we do best so that you can manage your family while we take care of all the details.
Here at Event Kings we provide a full-service event planning experience – that means that your child’s Sweet 16 vision is executed with precision and attention to detail. Artistic innovation, creativity, technology and social media all come together beautifully when you incorporate premium enhancements such as a photo booth where snaps can be displayed in real time. It is the ultimate selfie experience!

If you can dream it, we can do it! No theme has ever proved too large or too small. Let Event Kings be your first call for Sweet 16 magic.

Making Birthday Magic is What We Do!
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Great Outdoors Never Looked So Great!


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If the Twentyteens have taught us anything it is that we’d like to rewind to a simpler time – on occasion. So why not let your next event be that very occasion? This doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice class and elegance. A hot new event trend – glamping is on the scene. Glamping transforms an ordinary personal or corporate retreat into a uniquely enjoyable experience. Here at Event Kings, we know how to glamp.
Candle-lit details, mason jars, evergreens, gold, twinkling lights and gingham are just a few trends that twist together in order to put the “glam” in “glamping.” The outdoors provide endless entertainment and Event Kings provides the atmosphere that makes even the most adverse guest have a great time.
The next time you rally your troops for that annual retreat to get everyone on the same page, why not bring a little luxury to nature and allow Event Kings to design your perfect glamping event.

Keep it Classy 
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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hello Pumpkin!

Fall Outdoor Events

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 It's Pumpkin time at Event Kings.
We know that it feels like just yesterday that we said “Happy Birthday” to America amidst a hurricane of red, white and blue. While you're picking up your pumpkin latte, we’d also like to remind you that Event Kings just happens to be the place to call so that you can begin planning your perfect fall event, because well, Fall Festivals are just one of our specialties.
Games, hayrides, corn mazes and pumpkin patches are just a few of the fabulous diversions that Event Kings is able to weave into an exciting fall festival. This family-friendly option is perfect as a fundraiser for a school or an organization, using carnival games and booth sales to generate revenue. There is also the option of using a "Fall Festival" theme as a reward for your employees as a late-season alternative to the outdoor picnic that we discussed last time. The beauty of the fall festival is it takes advantage of the natural ambiance of the season as well as local traditions and customs, like pumpkin carving, of course!
 So get off the computer and into the cornfield because Fall is here! At Event Kings, we can't wait to plan your perfect fall event.

Happy Fall!

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Perfect Picnic

Event Kings Pulls Off the Best Barbecues

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Event Kings consistently strives to provide business owners with exciting options that allow them to show their employees just how much they are appreciated. One fantastic option for summer and fall is a Corporate Barbeque Picnic.

Event Kings has extensive expertise at providing on and off-site events that allow you to take advantage of the nice weather. Have a casual get together at a local park, where Event Kings has the connections and experience to take care of all the necessary permits. If that’s not feasible, allow Event Kings to bring the picnic to you, on-site in your very own parking lot. We offer three different levels of barbeque to fit any budget.

One detail that is often overlooked when planning an outdoor picnic is the quality and safety of the food being served. Event Kings has the knowledge required to execute a barbeque where food is continually prepared and served—hot food hot and cold food cold. There is always a member of the catering staff on-site to provide food service during the entire meal period.

When your reputation is on the line, safety and excellence are the two most important components. If there's a barbeque or outdoor picnic that you that you wish to have done -- the right way -- call Event Kings at 631.392.1234.

Event Kings
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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Revive your workplace with an Olympic Style Event

Another Fabulous Team-Building Event by Event Kings

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In ancient Greece, the Olympics was a way for all of the warring city-states to come together and celebrate the beauty of human achievement. While you might not compare your current inter-office relations to that of Athens and Sparta, here at Event Kings we know that you need something to pull yourself out of that depressing mid-year lull.

 Last time we spoke about team building, we let you know that Event Kings specializes in a plethora of creative options for activities that stimulate morale in the work place. One especially good option that makes the most of the beautiful weather is an Olympic style event.

Olympics combines the best of both worlds – outdoor fun and healthy competition! Have a blast as employees are divided into color-coded teams then asked to work together to complete tasks that require  a little bit of strength, endurance, and intelligence. Another amazing advantage is that the staff at Event Kings is there to facilitate the games so that you can take part! Team-building Olympics can be executed on site or as part of a picnic or conference. Event Kings are team-building experts! Allow Event Kings to facilitate and Olympic Style team building event for YOUR organization and relish in the spirit of the summer games.
To Another Productive Year!

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