Dream Theme: Beer and Cheese Party!!

8:54 AM

So maybe this isn't your typical dream theme post - there are no pictures of elaborate decor with thousands of flowers, or super creative and intricate details. This is simple but very much a dream theme for me. I, along with most of you out there, have an obsession with cheese and a pretty good relationship with beer. So why not marry the two in a beer/cheese tasting? You and your guests (preferably only up to 4 or 6 people) will explore new cheeses and beers and be able to appreciate them in an entirely new light. The Beer Advocate has an awesome article on how to pair cheese and beer where they give you specific brand of beers to compliment different cheeses. Here are the cliff notes:
Sharp Cheddar with Pale Ale
Feta with Wheat Beer
Mascarpone with Fruit Beer
Gorgonzola with Barleywine
Parmesan with Amber Lager

Thanks to Google (really, how did we live without it?) I found this awesome paddle for under $6.00!! The glasses were out of stock at the moment but they should be back by July 23rd. Or, you can call and see if a shot glass would fit.
I would serve the paddle with a plate of cheeses that correspond to the specific beer. Or, at $6 a pop buy two paddles for each person and place the cheeses in one, beer in other. To get the full experience don't serve accompaniments with the cheese. Have bread and fruit to cleanse the palate in between but let your guests taste just the cheese with the beer.

To get the best selection of cheese go to where I like to refer to as Heaven - Murray's Cheese shop. They have two locations in the city; in Grand Central Station and on Bleeker between 6th and 7th. However, if you can't make it into the big city you can order online!! You can even call and ask what cheeses will go with the beers you select. What makes this place so amazing is that everyone there wants you to learn about the great big world of cheese!

As mentioned above, serve some fresh fruit and GREAT crusty french bread for your guests to clean their palate in between tastings.
And when I say great bread, I mean search every bakery in a 20 mile radius until you find that perfect baguette, the one that takes you to Paris and makes you want to put on a beret!!
As always, label please! If make really fancy ones like pictured above, you will be my hero!

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