Best Fundraising Tips!

9:20 AM

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Fundraising events are so important to non-profit organizations. Often times, one event is responsible for a large portion of their yearly budget. Because of this, we take these events seriously. We know how much is riding on one night. Event Kings is there to make sure everything is perfect so the client can focus on one thing; raising as much money as they can at one event. Throughout the years, experience has shown us a few tricks that make this happen. 

Tip #1: Make it a memorable evening.
Shown above, our customized stilt walkers stood in front of the stage while the director gave her speech. They were an interactive part in giving information about the non-profit and all of the important work they do. When guests remember the event they will be more likely to return the following year.

centerpieces, decor, floral design

Tip #2: Choose your decor budget wisely. 
All fundraising events monitor their budget so they can make the most profit. When it comes to decor make sure you spend your budget dollars wisely. One tip is to mix up the centerpieces with high and low options. Another idea is to incorporate the logo of the event wherever possible. Lastly, be creative with your decor so it ties into the theme of the event. 

entertainment, gala, unique entertainment

Tip #3: Splurge on an unforgettable entertainer. 
For some donors fundraising galas are a frequent occurrence. Make yours stand out with an amazing and unique entertainer or show. Event Kings has so many unbelievable entertainers to make your event one everyone will remember. 

chinese auction, silent auction, auction prizes

Tip #4: When getting raffle prizes make sure to know your audience. 
One key part of fundraising is a raffle. Prizes are donated and then raffled off to make the most money. Make sure your prizes are ones your guests will pay for. For example, sports memorabilia is wonderful at a youth fundraiser. 

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Tip #5: Sponsorship, sponsorship, sponsorship!
When planning a fundraiser the best way to maximize profits is to have most of the event sponsored before one ticket is sold. A great way to do that is have companies (or families) sponsor casino tables. Event Kings will create a framed sign for the table or better yet, we can customize the felt for
 those high tier donors. 

black jack, inner lit casino tables

Tip#6: Make everything custom.
For a breast cancer fundraiser we made everything pink, including the casino tables, chips and the casino dealer's bow ties! Every detail was considered to make certain the cause of the event was not communicated effectively. 

bar mitzvah

Taking Place Cards to a New Level

11:12 AM

Place cards can be so important at events. People like to know where they are sitting and whom they are sitting with. Traditionally, place cards have been the white folded cardstock with fancy written names. That look is timeless and elegant. But we like to have a little fun with our place cards and tie them directly into the the theme of the event to set the tone from the very beginning. Below are some of our favorites.

hip hop theme, bar mitzvah, place cards, cassette tapes

cassette tape place cards

The guests at this hip-hop themed Bar Mitzvah were greeted with cassette tape place cards on our graffiti painted boombox. Each label had the name of the guest and the table, which was named for the guests of honor's favorite band. They were attached to the board with strips of velcro so they could easily be taken off and saved by the guests. 

movie theater, cinema, bar mitzvah

movie ticket place cards

When we produced and styled this Cinema themed Bat Mitzvah we knew we wanted to make a statement at the entrance. What better way than to hang movie ticket place cards on clear fishing wire strung between red velvet curtains? We added movie reels and dramatic lighting to 
complete the look.  

superhero place cards

superhero place cards

For one of our corporate clients we produced an entire weekend meeting with the Superhero theme. The finale was a banquet dinner. Along with lighting, floral and customized letters of the company we had individual place cards designed after super hero comic books. The stands were also customized and designed specifically for the event. 

 winter wonderland, snowflake, place cards, sweet 16

snowflake place cards

For our Winter Wonderland Sweet 16 we decided to make each place card from snowflakes and hang them on clear fishing wire as well. We added 12" and 14" crystal snowflakes around and withing the place cards to give it a sophisticated feel. Then we uplit the entire structure with blue lighting. 

70's theme

Event Spotlight: Keyfood Tradeshow

3:05 PM

balloon decor, balloon arch, roller skaters, disco dancers, Richard Simmons, 70's theme, trade show

This year's Keyfood mega trade show held at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum was themed 70's mania! Our decor and entertainment set the tone for this year's theme. Our rainbow arch and tie-dye balloons were the perfect wow statement for the entrance along with disco dancers, roller skaters and even Richard Simmons! 

disco dancers, stilt walkers, custom entertainment, entertainment

Our larger than life stilt walker disco dancers wore customized costumes for the event. They made a splash in the extra large venue. 

contortionist, disco ball, entertainment

Our center lit stage held performances. This one was by our expert contortionist who performed on a mirrored disco ball. 

roller skating, disco ball, entertainment

Our disco themed roller skaters skated around all day interacting with guests and keeping the groovy feel of the event stayin alive. 

bistro lights

Event Spotlight: Camping Themed Dinner at Mohonk

7:30 AM

event lighting, bistro lighting, pavillion eventOne of our clients had a weekend conference at Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY. While Event Kings was involved in most of the planning, we pulled out all the stops to set up for their break out dinner. The setting was perfect for a camping theme, so our design team envisioned wooden stumps, rustic lanterns and woodland inspired floral to go on the tables. For an entryway piece the company's name was spelled out in moss covered letters on top of a inner lit table. camping theme event

These two foot large letters were a passion project for our floral designer. There may have been a few accidents with the hot glue gun but the end result was perfect. The letters stood on a custom built wooden stand so they can be placed at the beginning of the venue. 

floral tablescape, wood accents

Our tablescapes were made of copper lanterns, small wood stumps and white, yellow and green floral. The table number sign was customized to fit the theme. 

woodlands floral design, forest centerpiece, camping floral, wood box centerpiece

Our designer chose sword fern, scabiosa pods, white roses, variegated pittosporum, beplurem, veronica and solidago to create a whimsical look for the event. 

woodlands tablescape, rustic lantern, rustic centerpiece, wood stump

bistro lights

The bistro lights hung by our staff created a warm and fun atmosphere for the guests to relax and unwind after a long weekend of working. 

smores station, dessert station, camping desserts

What camping themed event would be complete without a S'mores station? We decided to set up a make your own S'mores fun additions to the campside classic. 

Black Jack

Casino Parties Done Right

3:20 PM

casino event, roulette

Casino events are nothing new. However, through the years Event Kings and their division Casino Kings has seen so many casino events done wrong. First off, all tables are not equal. Some tables have come with just the top and placed on plastic legs, which is unprofessional and dangerous. Casino Kings only supplies solid wood tables with pristine felt. Also, our dealers are well trained to know the game and help players feel like they are at a Vegas casino. 

casino chips, poker, roulette, black jack

Casino Kings provides clay chips that look and feel like the real thing. Many times we have customized the chips to match the event's cause or theme. As with Event Kings, Casino Kings always pays attention to every detail. 

roulette, roulette wheel

Our roulette table is not only professional but stunning!

Casino, money, fun money, fun bucks

Another way to customize your casino is to personalize your fun bucks. You can place a photo, a logo, or a slogan on your money that all guests receive when they enter the party. 

black jack, roulette, texas hold'em, poker


Our Favorite Teambuilding Events!

2:54 PM

teambuilding, event, superhero, themes, conferences, meetings, corporate

Teambuilding events are one of our favorite types to produce. They are always fun, creative and rewarding. You truly see the affects these programs have on the guests. From companies to schools, all participants of teambuilding programs leave united. 

teambuilding, event, superhero, themes, conferences, meetings, corporate

One of our favorite themes was our "Superhero" theme for our client Taboola. They created their entire conference around it, including the teambuilding "build your own superhero" contest. Guests were given all sorts of materials and clothing to create their perfect superhero. 
teambuilding, event, egg drop, themes, conferences, meetings, corporate
 Another option is our classic "Drop" contest where guests participate in an auction for various materials that will help them make the perfect landing spot for an egg. This two part event forces the team to manage money, work together and communicate ideas. 

teambuilding, event, sandcastle, themes, conferences, meetings, corporate

One of our most popular summertime events is "Sandcastle Teambuilding." Teams watch a demonstration by professional sandcastle builders and from their need to collaborate and communicate on designing and building their own castle. Some clients have even picked a theme that teams have to be inspired by. This event can be done on OR off the beach!

teambuilding, event, scavenger hunt, themes, conferences, meetings, corporate

For those off-site conferences in quaint towns or even big cities, a scavenger hunt is always a hit! Our customized questions allows this activity to be done anywhere. It is a wonderful way for teams to work on navigation skills, communication and outside of the box thinking.

Capitale NYC

Event Spotlight: Pajama Program 2018

11:56 AM

Capitale NYC, fundraising, gala, nonprofit, pajama program

One of our favorite events of the year is for Pajama Program. This amazing nonprofit donates pajamas and books to children in shelters or group homes. They believe this simple act for many is a profoundly important ritual for those in need. Changing into pajamas and reading a book before bed impacts children's quality of sleep and leads to days that are rested and ready for learning. Read more about this wonderful organization here.

This year, the theme was "Love is the best light to read in all year round." To bring this theme to life fairy lights accented every centerpiece and was incorporated into the performer's costumes. 
calla lilies, fairy lights, fall centerpiece, fall flowers

The centerpieces were themed for all four seasons. We represented winter, spring, summer and fall and as mentioned, each piece had fairy lights incorporated into them. The fall piece was made of cylinders holding flame calla lilies and ruby mokara orchids. The middle had orange fairy lights and fall leaves were scattered around the table.

winter flowers, winter centerpiece, winter decor, hydrangea, lantern centerpiece

The winter piece was a lantern filled with blue fairy lights on top of a bed of white hydrangea, crystal branches, dusty miller leaves, snowy pinecones and silver netted spheres. 

spring flowers, tulips, cherry blossom, cylinder centerpiece, spring theme, orchids

The spring centerpiece included cylinders filled with flowering branches, tulips and green orchids. The middle piece had moss and fairy lights. 

summer flowers, sunflowers, moss, lantern centerpiece, hydrangea, yellow and green centerpiece

Summer was represented with a lantern filled with fairy lights on top of a bed of green hydrangea, sunflowers, yellow roses, yellow craspedia, solidago and moss spheres. It also had butterfly accents.

Guests were greeted with our Spring and Summer stilitwalkers. These costumes were custom made for the event. 

fall event, fall performer, event entertainment

winter performer, winter entertainer, winter theme, fairy lights

 Inside, the guests enjoyed our fall and winter performers on pedestals and over the entranceway.

step and repeat, photo station, open photo booth

Our open photo booth was a big hit and used their step and repeat as a backdrop. 

event entertainment, summer entertainment, spring entertainment, fall entertainment, winter entertainment

event entertainment, summer entertainment, spring entertainment, fall entertainment, winter entertainment

event entertainment, summer entertainment, spring entertainment, fall entertainment, winter entertainment

All four of our performers went on stilts during the reception and went throughout the tables and then in front of the stage. Each one of them held a sign that read I am the light of their particular season. They, along with the centerpiece and coordinating linens, really drove home the theme. 

capitale nyc, venue, Bowery, New York City

As always, our friends at Capitale were a pleasure to work with and provided a 
stunning venue to be in!

80's theme

Transformation Tuesday: 80's Prom

5:00 AM

80's prom, corporate events, balloon decor, neon balloons

Companies are always looking for fun and unique themes for their events. This year, our 80's prom theme was one for the books! 

80's prom, corporate events, balloon decor, neon balloons

To transform our venue we used thousands of balloons. From columns, to centerpieces to a dance floor treatment, the bright neon colors filled the room and created that nostalgic feel of the 80's.

80's prom, corporate events, balloon decor, neon balloons

To create a curtain effect on the dance floor balloons were individually strung with 15 feet of mylar ribbon. This created a dramatic focal point for the room.

80's prom, corporate events, balloon decor, neon balloons

80's prom, corporate events, balloon decor, neon balloons

And of course no 80's theme is complete without giant rubix cubes! These flanked either side of the DJ booth.