Mitzvah Me Happy!

8:22 AM

This weekend I had the rare chance to attend an Event Kings produced Bat Mitzvah as a guest. Not a guest that also did the centerpieces, or a guest that is also telling the DJ the schedule of the night...a bona fide guest! It was thrilling and best of all I got to actually play the casino. It is such a different experience from the other side of the table. I am happy to report it was a blast!! Here is the lowdown with some of the pictures I took with my phone.
The wheel was a big hit, especially with the kids.
Black Jack was my table, after a few hours here I am ready for Vegas...high roller style! The tables were stunning - really, I always knew they were nice but sitting at them I noticed their perfection. Not one scratch, stain or rip in the felt or really felt like you were in a casino. Also, the dealer was super fun. He taught me the rules so I didn't feel intimidated. I learned to always double down on 11, to let the dealer break and that a tie is called a push. Who knew? I also noticed that both young and older guests were mingling at the table - it was such a cool ice breaker.
The centerpieces were amazballs! Yup I said it! You can also add balloons if the ceiling is high. Also, they are gender neutral, this mitzvah was for a lovely girl who rocked the casino theme!

A room to the side was made into a lounge for the tweens. Great idea! The younger guests had a place to hang out and chillax! (for those of you who are not as cool as me that is chill + relax)

In the lounge area was an airbrush artist who painted boxer shorts, t-shirts and
cool trucker hats.
The play money was customized with the guest of honor's picture and event date. Perfect for the scrapbook.

Not pictured is the DJ, dancers, really cute poker place card holders and the balloon dance floor treatment. Once we get the professional pictures I will post them. Until then, imagine the possibilities for this super cool theme.

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