Loony for Luna Bazaar

8:33 AM

I've known of Luna Bazaar for quite a while and got wonderful lanterns from them for events. They have an amazing selection of sizes, shapes and colors. But not until recently did I realize they have a bevy of other amazing accessories for any event (or your home, I know I can use an Ikat pillow!). I am so behind on this information it's embarrassing but I cannot let my faithful readers (all 3 of you) go another day without knowing about Luna Bazaar as well. Check out all the super cool things you can get from this site... (note: I could have pasted about 20 more pictures but I am practicing self control).

Gold gilded votive holders are to die for! They bring that Moroccan feel that is so in right now. Put about 10 in different styles and colors on the table, along with a great linen and you have yourself a very chic event.

These rice paper votive holders are just so cool I think I need...no I HAVE TO HAVE all of them for my home. Oh what a little bamboo or wave print can do to a girl. These patterns are super fashionable and very Jonathan Adler-esque.

Normally I would shun on kitschy favors but this coin purse doubles as a place card holder - perfect for a bridal/baby shower.

These pillow covers evoke that worldly look and will perfectly compliment your Arabian Nights themed lounge at an attractive price of $10 to $30.
Happy shopping! Let me know the fun things you bought for your next event!

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