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I saw this Woodland Fairy themed birthday party on one of my favorite blogs Hostess with the Mostess. It was created by Kate Landers Events, LLC and was so inspiring I couldn't keep it from you. The creativity and imagination run so wild it makes me swoon. So much so that I am considering doing this for my own birthday. What? Like you never saw a 32 year old in a fairy costume before? The blog has more pictures but here are some of the highlights.
Awesome food table with the guests of honor's name. On the left you have a "make your own granola station" with ingredients like "chocolate dew drops" and "Chipmunk Chunks" in chocolate nests. Next to it you have ladybugs made from apples and chocolate chips. On the right are "fairy berries" which are strawberries dipped in pink chocolate (white chocolate with red food coloring in it). Who knew you could do so much with chocolate? The best part about this station is that it combines creativity and healthy food, which any parent with a toddler knows can be a challenge.
Little custom made felt toad stools. Awesome! Just what every party needs!

Snail Swirl Sandwiches were made with strawberry cream cheese and jelly. YUMM-O
Notice how cute and detailed the sign is. If you don't have any graphic programs try using word and clip art.The font looks like French Script MT which is totally what I expected a fairy's handwriting to look like!
OK, this is where I yearn to be a kid again - little glass vile of fairy dust? REALLY? The girls also had their own "fairy frock" that was labeled and spread out around the yard - hanging from a branch or behind a rock - and of course the wings were not forgotten.

I found some places to get Fairy themed props so you too can create an enchanted party for me...I mean your little girl:
Green Moss sheets with "bumps" from Save on Crafts for the food table.

Tulle (in a variety of colors) again from Save on Crafts

Wood stump vases - to hold the fairy wands. Do I even have to say where again?

Apothecary Jars (very useful for all sorts of decor) from Save on Crafts or shall I say Fairy Themed Party Depot?

Oddly enough, these Toad stools are not from Save on Crafts, they are from the UK. If you search for "Mushroom Seating" all the results are from the UK. Who am I to judge if they like to sit on seats shaped like fungi?

The event mentioned above had make your own fairy houses as one of their activities (among other FABULOUS ideas). There was no picture but it is a great craft. Depending on the age you can either get plain birdhouses and have them decorate it with moss, dried flowers, and glitter or you can have them find twigs, branches and acorns to make their own structure. Either way you do it make sure to give each guest a bag with enough stuff to decorate.

Last but not least - chocolate nests! Here is the recipe which looks SUPER easy and looks like you can make ahead of time. You need to chill them to stay so if the event will be outside on a warm day make sure they are close to or completely frozen. You can also use a cereal bowl to make them the size shown in the picture.

1 box shredded wheat (10 - 12 biscuits)
2 8 oz. package chocolate chips
1/2 jar chunky peanut butter (please inquire about allergies before hand - I think you can omit this if needed)

Crush biscuits fine. Melt chocolate over hot water until JUST SOFT. Add peanut butter and thoroughly mix. Add shredded wheat. All the recipes say to put 2 tbsp on a cookie sheet and shape into a nest however, I don't think it will be big enough. I say to flip a bowl upside down and put enough to cover outside and then freeze. I will try this myself and let you know how it goes!

Please let me know if you do this theme or you can just invite me ;)

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  1. Hollywood Skin Guru12 June, 2010

    I want to have a fairy party! Love it :-)