Signs, signs everywhere there's signs

6:48 AM

If you've read this blog before you'd know I love me some signage! Signs and labels are just so informative and we use them often to direct people at events (tip, the larger the event the more signs you need). But the best thing about signs and labels is that you can use them to personalize your event. There are so many ways to express yourself (see above) with the design, font, even materials you use. Or rope your crafty McCrafterson friend to help you. Here are some of my favorite examples...
How cool is this directional? It's so simple but vintage looking.
Not that I need a sign to tell me where the bar is but this is super cute from the Australian based company I love Parties. Labeling drinks is great, especially if there are "virgin" and alcoholic versions.

From the same vintage Surf Party - again, simple and cool.

Labeling food is always a good idea and how can you resist when it looks this fab? Maybe smart to list any allergic ingredients like nuts; especially if there are kids at the party.

If the thought of making anything makes you crouch in the corner and rock gently then no fear, Etsy is here! (Etsy is the be all end all for crafty McCraftersons; an online bizarre for people to sell their handmade treasures.) Click here for this seller.
These details, which are customizable with most sellers, will really make your wedding or event your own. Click here for this seller.
Wonder which way I should go? Click here for this seller.
To make these signs more memorable, have your guests sign them (on the front or back) and then incorporate them into your home for a beautiful keepsake. Click here for this seller.

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