Dream Theme - Carnival Wedding

8:52 AM

Summer means corporate picnics to us at Event Kings and one of the staples of those summer picnics is our carnival tents. We had them up for the HIA trade show on Thursday and I thought this would be super cool as a wedding. There is something amazing about having a wedding that is way off the norm but still making it look chic, elegant and classy. Best of all, if you are thinking of inviting kids it would be fun for them too! Here are some pictures of awesome carnival themed weddings. P.S. we have all of this stuff if you need one company to produce this awesome wedding you will be having soon...just saying.
Custom invites will totally set the tone of this theme wedding. They evoke the vintage vibe of the Carnival. Call MPrints Designs - I know she will make a wicked cool invite for you. An actual ferris wheel may blow the budget a bit but a goldfish toss can be done on your own. (Don't forget to provide bags to bring home the fish in and have someone manning the station to bag those little guys up). Love the Baroque framed sign - I found fun one at Target in pink.

Yum-O, 1st birthday cake aside these sweets are super inspirational. Call Marisa Simon Cakes
to get fabulous carnival inspired confectioner's delight. The candy station can be done yourself, the key is to get color coordinated candy to achieve the same look in the picture. I'm not sure what's up with that popcorn but get an old fashioned popcorn cart for the salt lovers and place it next to the candy station. Again, its good to have an attendant to give out the popcorn (our phone # is 631-392-1234...just saying).

Balloons at a wedding? No way! Yes way! Look at how great they look in the lower left picture. It brings such color and joy to the picture. Chic tip - try oversized balloons like a 16" or 24" to keep it looking new and unexpected.
These signs are just super awesome and informative! I'm a big fan of signs at events, not only do they keep the flow of party traffic moving but they add such a whimsical touch.

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