Flower Friday - Mum's the word

7:30 AM

Last week I did a post about Fall and mum's are the flower of that season. They are such an underrated flower. But like many of the inexpensive, hearty varieties who got a bad wrap (i.e, carnations, baby's breath), these blooms are getting a makeover in modern designs. In mass, these blooms are gorgeous. There are three varieties that are most popular. Shown above and below are the spider mum.

I love the texture of these trees. And being a sturdy bloom, mums can withstand being in a floral foam structure for up to a week. 

Kermit or Button mums are another popular variety. I love the simplicity of the picture above. 
It looks so natural and playful. 

if you have a few hours to kill make some of these mum spheres. They look like moss in this picture but wrap with a colorful ribbon and they can be hung from chairs along the aisle for pops of color. Or held by the flower girl…even suspended from an arch. FUN!

Football or China mums are the last variety - and these babies are my favorite! Their big, pouffy heads have the same texture and look as hydrangea or a peony. They really are gorgeous and not used enough in my opinion. 

They usually come in white or bright yellow so I think this bouquet was sprayed pink. It looks like cotton candy!! But can you see the beauty and elegance in this piece? I would love to see it in bright yellow with turquoise ribbon….bright, cheerful and simplistic. 

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