Do's and Don'ts for Weekend Guests

8:18 AM

Nothing makes me happier than waking up in a house filled with people I love.  I always want my guests to feel comfortable in my home, with that "me casa, sous casa" vibe; so I spend a lot of time thinking of what will create that feeling. Here are some Do's and Don'ts on how to be the a great host to overnight guests…

Do start with a clean slate. A clean house may only last a moment when people are visiting, especially with kids but clean (or have it cleaned) anyway. It will be a calming welcome to your guests.

Don't go overboard. A tidy place is great but there is no need to scrub the floors. TRUST me, you will need to clean the floors when the weekend is over so let it wait.

Do be organized and prepared for your guests. It's always nice to ask your guests before hand how they take their coffee so you can have half and half on hand or if their children are allergic to anything so you can put it away. Also, do the shopping before hand so you are not leaving your guests.

Don't over-schedule. Its nice to show off your town, go to the local beach or sample local fare with your guests but the main reason they are visiting is (probably) to see you. So if you stay in the yard all day and get take out don't worry, a game of cards and a bottle of wine can make as much memories as any night on the town.

Do use a guest-room/bathroom beforehand. You may clean the rooms your guests are going to use upon their arrival but if you actually use them beforehand you will see exactly what they need. Toothpaste in the guest bathroom. An extra blanket in the spare room that gets chilly. These are things you may only realize if you actually use the rooms.

Don't forget the TP. Stock all bathrooms with ample toilet paper. Nothing spoils a stay more than getting stranded in a bathroom with no TP.

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