Holiday Weekend Recap

4:35 PM

If you have yet to recover from last weekend's festivities join the club! Is it bad when you had so much fun with family and friends that you are tired an entire week? Nope! Here are some of the highlights from BBQ's we attended. I think my friends stepped it up for me - I did warn them that anything was subject to be blogged.
My one friend not only labeled everything but made the famous potatoes!! I took full advantage this time and had like 8 of them. (please note that these potatoes are so rich 3 would suffice a normal person)

Great decor - festive table linen, flowers and coincidentally the SOLO cups matched the 4th of July theme. Pitchers of ice water were set out around the yard since it was so hot. Simple way to make your guests comfortable.

A labeled signature drink…LOVES it!

This blue concoction not only coordinated with the 4th of July look but also was delish…if you like tequila. But a signature drink is a great way to serve liquor without having to get all the components of a full bar. Beer was also served for the tequila-intolerant like me.

Another great tip - get something for the little ones to play with and it doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate. This host had sidewalk chalk for my daughter - it occupied her for a very long time, allowing us to enjoy ourselves.

This gorgeous dessert was perfect for the hot summer day. Layered berries and cool whip in a trifle dish and then frozen. Genius! Get your own here.

And when the temperature rises (at it most certainly did) don't hesitate to turn the sprinklers on! I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of a few of my friends running through the sprinklers as we arrived. But it worked -they were cool and refreshed albeit a little wet. And who doesn't feel like a carefree kid running through sprinklers?

The host hard at work at the grill…I won't say he begged me to make it on the blog but I couldn't resist making him famous…to all of my 10 readers!

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