Praise for the Potluck!

10:43 AM

Ahh the Potluck, such a wonderful idea, especially when you just don't have the energy to pull it together and throw a full on fiesta. Here are few ways to make your potluck positively fabulous!

1. Where's the beef?
The simplest way to host a potluck is to provide the protein and have everyone else bring a side. Try to write down what people offer to bring so you don't have too many duplicates.

2. Theme it.
Pick a type of cuisine, an ingredient or even a movie that everyone should use as their inspiration for their contribution. Guacamole for a Mexican themed fiesta, use Long Island local corn as the common ingredient or have a Red Velvet cake for a Twilight Party...get the idea? It will allow the creative juices to flow.

3. Around the World
Remember in elementary school when you had to bring a dish that represented your nationality? I always brought in Swedish meatballs which was strange because I am not Swedish and they had Concord grape jelly in them...the most American of all ingredients. Anyway, why not pick different cultures for each person to represent (or have them choose) and bring a dish that is representative of the region. Your taste buds may be introduced to something new.

4. Dessert and Drinks
For the non chefs (ahem, like me) ask everyone to bring either a dessert or a drink - store or bakery bought. It's easy and fun.

P.S. I figured out how to allow anyone to leave a comment so feel free to leave your two cents. I do prefer kind, polite words or those of praise. So "Wow, what an amazing blog, you rock my entertaining world" would be acceptable..."Your blog stinks" is not.

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