Event Recap Part 2

8:08 AM

If you read this blog before then you know I love my food! Usually big corporate picnic food is nothing to write home (or blog) about but I had to post pictures of the Event Kings buffet for a few reasons… 

1. It's pretty! We worked hard to make sure that the picnic buffet that goes to every location looks clean, neat and sophisticated. The tables are skirted and the chaffing dishes are covered with linens too! This is such a small detail that makes a HUGE visual difference. Now you will notice those ugly wire stands that hold the chaffing dishes and realize how unsightly it really is. 

2. It's clean! I took these pictures towards the end of the party, after about 100 people rummaged through the food and it still looks neat, cleaned and refreshed. 

Nothing upsets me more than a sad, lonely piece of watermelon begging for anyone to take him. Makes me cry. But not here! Those watermelons look happy, yummy, and refreshing.

3. The salads sit in ice. It was hot the day of the party…like super, sticky, icky hot. 
But those salads stayed cool as cucumbers on a bed of ice. 

On to the yummy snacks…fresh cotton candy anyone? There is something almost magical about freshly spun cotton candy…I thought to myself "how cool would these make as centerpieces? Little puffs of cotton candy on each table"…then I realized how impractical and messy that can be and moved on.

And for those salt lovers - freshly popped popcorn!!! The smell alone brings back memories of summer carnivals, festivals and movies. YUM!

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