A Simple Centerpiece

9:21 AM

I was talking to a friend who is also a bride to be and she was explaining to me her vision for a centerpiece…simple, elegant and candles…tons of candles. The image above is immediately what I saw…the clear candle holders are so delicate but not obtrusive (you know how I HATE centerpieces that block the view of other guests). Here are a few other candle centeperpiece ideas that are inexpensive but oh so pretty. Hint: add some floral buds on the bottom of the table 
or a bright linen to add a pop of color. Find an inexpensive candle holder here.

Candles in a bevy of wine bottles…genius. Start drinking!


This centerpiece I have done in a variety of ways, with a round mirror, candles and flower buds mostly. The compenants make set up a little time consuming but it is super easy. If you do decide to use floral buds stay away from hydrangea or stock. Anything "puffy" will wilt super fast without water.

What a great use of a cake stand! Make sure of the height and sturdiness of this piece before you use them for an event, I hear that flaming linens is a buzz kill. This one seems safe.

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