Real Event: Mermaid Birthday

2:59 PM

This weekend we attended a 4 year old birthday party that had a mermaid theme. Unfortunately my shell bikini top and mermaid tail was stuck in the dry cleaners. Luckily the hostess supplied dress-up supplies! It was a huge hit and every detail was thought of. Only the little girls dressed up as mermaids so I thought it would be inappropriate if I did too.

Cutest little favor tags matched the invite and were custom made by

The cake and cupcakes were homemade (she put me to shame) but the cake topper and cupcake pieces were bought (thank God or I'd have to leave in shame)
from Artisan Cake Company on Etsy

Did you know that raw sugar can look so much like sand?

Pictured above is the dress up station.

Miss Crafty McCrafterson made her own tu-tu's AND painted the little bags for kids to take home their dress up clothes. The shell pool was a nice touch and from the Christmas Tree Shop

She also made the starfish mermaid wands and placed them in a vase with sand filled half way up. The shell necklaces, bracelets and rings were from Oriental Trading.

The tails were made from green tissue lame and green tulle from Joann Fabrics.
She cut them in the shape of tails and pinned the tulle to the bottom. The girls just tied them at their waste...genius!

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