Dream Theme: Campout Party

8:59 AM

Ok, maybe this isn't my dream theme but I'm sure it would be awesome for outdoor loving boys (and men).  This camp-out birthday party is just so amazing with all it's details from homemade trail mix to a S'mores Bar to a fishing trip; this party is the entire package. Check out these great pictures for some inspiration or go to Moore Minutes Blog to see the entire party…did I mention the S'mores Bar? 

Do you love the can of Bush Beans in the back? Very authentic!

The tent was hand made and the pennant flags (which area all the rage) were found on etsy. The particular seller on the Moore Minutes blog was on vacation. But this one looks cute. You can also buy an inexpensive one and customize it. The balloons look like boulders and I'm not sure if she did that or bought them looking "dirty."

She even had Bug Juice - how cool is that?
You can also customize labels and make your own bug juice. 
And the Piece De Resistance - the S'mores Bar!!! She had giant marshmallows, peanut butter cups, different shaped graham crackers…I am even loving the burlap overlay. I would be a happy camper with this at my party. In fact, I think I should have a S'mores Bar everyday so I can be happy pappy! 
What? Like that's not practical?

You know how I loves me some scavenger hunts! They are so easy and convenient and a great way to get your guests up and moving. 

She even made hobo sticks - I bow to her. If I ever have a son he can't see this post 
because I will never measure up. 

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  1. This concept rocks, thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you so much for your encouragement with this post! I so enjoyed reading your words, very exciting for me. :) Your blog is amazing, filled with ideas. Much appreciated,