Flower Friday: The Beauty of Gray

2:35 PM

Look in any fashion or interior design magazine and gray is the color of the moment. It's classic, neutral, rustic, and elegant all at the same time. Plus, it's less harsh than black. Think of pairing these cool gray vases with vibrant flowers (think yellow, magenta, red) or a lush bouquet of white blooms. Either way you'll hit a home run at your next event. All vases from Jamali Garden in NYC.

This cement collection has that previously mentioned rusticity. However, it probably is pretty heavy... consider that when using a bunch for an event. 
Also, although it says "cement" my husband would be very disappointed in me if I didn't clarify that it  is really concrete, which cement is only a component of. It's common mistake that my husband corrected me on with a 2 page e-mail explaining the difference…I married him that day!

This glass version will be much lighter and softer. See how it compliments the yellow tulips?

Here is another CONCRETE version. Again, see how the color pops against it? Very caveman chic!

This ceramic version ads a modern and clean feel lending towards white flowers. 

Lastly, this gray wood box is great for an outdoor wedding trying to capture that natural vibe that is super popular now. The best part of all these options is that they are masculine which is a great contrast to feminine flowers like peonies, garden roses, hydrangea and ranunculus.
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