Party Gifts

10:10 AM

This blog is all about hosting chic and fabulous parties... but what if you are going to a party? You should bring a chic and fabulous gift, right? Here are a few suggestions on what to bring to your next soiree…

For the Housewarming party:

Under $50 and super cool, these beautifully designed shakers come in a package that is so nice you don't need to wrap it. So, if you find yourself double parked and running into his store on Greenwich Street you don't have to worry about trying to wrap it while you drive to the party (that would be dangerous!). The shakers also come in other fun designs like elephants, cats, fish, even poodles!

For the Dinner Party:

Numerical Stoneware Appetizer Plate Set of 4 - Assorted (7")
These Numerical Stoneware plates from Target are a hit, especially at $11.99! Pick up a dessert or make a chocolate cake from my previous blog posts (low fat or one bowl) to go with the plates. The great thing about dessert plates is that they can be fun and different AND very few people buy them for themselves. 

Holiday Party:

These glass tags from Etsy are a perfect gift to bring to a holiday party. How many times have you put your glass down and a few minutes later asked the question; "which one is mine?" Before you know it  your drinking someone else's glass only to find out they have mono and you are about to spend the next month in bed! It can all be prevented with a glass tag! This seller in particular can make customized tags as well…making a great housewarming gift too. 

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