Flower Friday: Inspiration

8:18 AM

Excuse the poor quality picture and lack of posts this week. I have excuses but I won't use them on my very treasured readers…I'll just say sorry :( Stay tuned for daily posts to return with more great tips on having events both big and small. 

I took this picture at the Oheka Castle bridal showcase. We displayed out casino tables there and got a great response to the idea of having them at an after-party. As we thought, the grooms trickled in as their brides released them from wedding planning. Although I don't know why anyone wouldn't want to walk around and stare at pieces like the one above from Flowers by Topaz. The black vase and black jewels were so different and modern. I loved it and was very inspired by the dark burgundy, hot pink, light pink and yellow color combo. Fabulous!

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