Wicked Clam Bake!

9:17 AM

A vacation in Cape Cod screams for a clam bake. The seafood is super fresh and abundant in all of the sea faring towns. Although many restaurants offer this classic at a premium price, it is surprisingly easy to do this yourself at home. Also, I have learned that eating a lobster properly (as I learned from a true Maine native) is an event and should take a long time and be very messy; more reasons to do this at home. Here are some tips on how to have a clam bake at your home.

You'll need pots - big ones. This bake was for 7 adults and the big lobster pot fit 7 guys perfectly. The large standard pot fit potatoes on the bottom, 3 pounds of clams and 3 pounds of mussels on the top. Once you see the clams and mussels open (a few minutes) they are ready to eat. 
As for the lobsters boil some water on the bottom (throw a clove of garlic or two if you want to get fancy) and place them in…alive. If you can't muster the courage get some tough carnivore to do it for you. When they are red, they are done. 

I was going to put up the picture of our eaten lobster but it looked scary and I couldn't do that to you. Instead I am showing you a pretty cooked lobster pre onslaught. My Maine born friend explained to us how to eat the lobster properly…
Start with the claws - rip them off crack the middle and pry apart, inside will be lovely white meat. 
You can save the tail for last since that has the most meat but if you can't wait twist the tail off and crack open the middle. Try to pull the tail meat out in one piece.
Now it gets hard core: twist the little legs off and break open - suck out juice and pick any meat out you can get.
Twist off the head, suck the juice out, enjoy the feeling of a true savage.
Lastly, tear apart the rib cage and search for any meat left between the ribs. 

Your lobster should look like its been attacked by vultures, then you know you did it justice. 

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