Flower Friday: Boutonnieres

12:33 PM

I am not a fan of boutonnieres; for one I can't spell them (thank you Google) and secondly they always get destroyed during hugs and general manly neglect.I have had the pleasure and honor of creating flowers for wedding sthat I attended, only to watch in horror as the bout's were crushed and even decapetated during the reception. SInce men hardly care what you attach to the lapel as long it is not too feminine I found great options that will last all night. 
This first option is made with craspedia or "billy balls." These wonderful little flowers last a very long time and can even be dried. Doesn't every man want to preserve their boutonniere to last forever?

Feathers are all the rage (see previous blog post) and look awesome on a lapel. You can get these here. Coordinate them with some feathers in the bouquets or even the bridesmaids' hair.
At first glance these handmade fabric flowers may seem WAY too girlish but in colors like navy, yellow, white or red they can make even the burliest man look fabulous! You can find them here.  
If you are so inclined and fancy yourself a Crafty McCrafterson then make them yourself. Who else to go to but Miss M. for instructions (that's Martha Stewart).     

Take a look at more floral creations here.

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