Pottery Barn Party Planner

8:00 AM

The famed furniture store we all know and love now does party planning!! As always, Pottery Barn brings the masses great ideas on decorating and entertaining but the actual products may be a bit... shall we say impractical and overpriced?  Nonetheless, the site has tons of "tools you need" to host 9 different parties, from olive oil tasting (see above) to movie night. They even offer invite templates, how-to videos  and playlists. Definitely something to check out for all you party planners out there. 

The olive oil tasting party seems different and interesting for the foodies. Maybe at a house warming party this wouldn't seem so um, slow paced? This oil drizzler would make a nice gift and for only $10.50 you can pair it with a nice bottle of olive oil. 

These vintage beer bottles are where we start to get a bit crazy. $199 for old glass? Umm, no. Plus, I don't really get the connection to the olive oil party except to lend an old world feel for 2-hundy bucks. If you have $200 burning a hole in your pocket and are pondering ways to totally waste it then feel free to purchase these ridiculous items.
But I digress...

There is also a "Farmhouse Brunch" which reminded me how much I love brunch (stay tuned for an entire post on brunch parties!).  They feature recipes like custard battered french toast…YUM, and "easy" almond tart, which I may attempt because the word easy is in the title. 

I also love the rustic look with galvanized tin accessories. However, don't pay the Pottery Barn price when you can easily get buckets and tubs from hardware stores. 

The movie night is cool and not just because they show a martini bar (ok maybe), I love the popcorn presentation. However, I'm thinking it would be better to use parchment paper, I just keep seeing black popcorn from the ink…no bueno!

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