Summer Concert Lovin'

9:22 AM

Summer is ending soon and it makes me think of how great it is. I don't want to see it go! Doesn't this always happen when something is about to leave, you think of how great it is? (How deep hugh?)
One of the best parts of summer is outdoor concerts! Something about the music playing and the outdoor air that makes everyone feel free and relaxed. (yes, I know that feeling can be induced by the pre-partying)

So if you can't make it to a concert before the blustery weather comes storming in then bring the concert to you! We have access to a great new product - a drive in movie theater! A giant screen is brought to any location and the movie or concert DVD of your choice can be played to hundreds of people. We even bring popcorn! The price is a bit steep for a backyard get together but perfect for colleges or town centers. (Call for more information)

If you want to recreate this feeling in your yard think of renting a projector and screen. Hook it up to a DVD player or computer and play your favorite concert outdoors. Of course you have to wait until it gets dark but (sadly) that's happening earlier and earlier. So invite your concert buddies, buy some beer and bring out a blanket and watch your favorite concert on the lawn!

Here are some good ones to get:

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