Event Recap - Parking Lot Party!

2:55 PM

It's no surprise to us when clients say they have to cut back on their events this year. One great way to do this is use your office space or, in this case, the parking lot. Have a section roped off and rent a tent, tables and chairs. You (meaning us ;) can bring in the food and entertainment. 
TIP: Instead of renting a second tent we ordered umbrella tables. It gives the guests a shady place to sit at a fraction of the cost!

Here management staffed the carnival booths. It not only reduced the cost but it brought different levels of management together.
Caricaturists were a great source of entertainment for the guests. 
And it gave them something to remember the day.
Water Balloon Toss is a great game to cool everyone off and bring much needed laughter to the group.

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