Tis the Season...for Peonies!!

8:31 AM

Its coming, Peony season!! June and July are prime season for these perfectly puffy blooms. Ever time I work with a flower I fall in love with it, but none steal my heart like Peonies. They are just breathtaking with their light and fluffy petals and the more they bloom, the more gorgeous they are! These flowers are perfect to stand alone in a simple vase. Three stems is all you need for a striking peace that will lift your heart. They also come in the most beautiful colors with pink and white being most popular. However, look out for the tropical coral and sexy reds. Below are some varietals that you may find at your flower market...(pictures courtesy of A. Perri Farms)



In case you didn't believe me that these were my FAVORITE bloom, this is my wedding bouquet!! Simple, elegant and smelled heavenly.

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