Dream Event Met Costume Gala

8:29 AM

In our industry the dream event for any designer is the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Gala which was held last night. It infuses fashion, art, history and event design on every level with the biggest names in the creative field behind it, i.e. Anna Wintour!! It has fabulousness written all over it and the event professional who is lucky enough to this event must have creativity oozing out of them (and handle stress very well to deal with pressure the size of Kilimanjaro). Take a look at some of the past designs.

A French Chateau Theme by David Monn...Bonjour!

"Goddess" theme by Isabell in 2003.

Zebra Caret up the Met stairs for the ode to El Morocco. Just another reason why
Zebra print is fabulous!!
John Myhre and Avila designed the dining area with zebra-print fabric and blue lighting to recreate the legendary New York nightclub El Morocco - good inspiration for a dream theme!

For more on the fashion of the night check out a great blog. Elements of Style - she has a complete wrap-up of the good, the bad and the ugly.

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